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" The smallest feline is a masterpiece "
Leonardo Davinci

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I raise 1-2 litters per year.........occasionally, I have kittens available for Breeder/Show, Premiership as well as just loved companions.....not all may be listed on this page at any specific time.
To inquire on what I may have...... 

Microchipping - My thoughts...
  I have very mixed feelings with regards to microchipping.   I am not microchipping my cats at this time. 
  As useful as it can be and has been with regards to lost pets, there are downfalls as well.........
 There are currently 4 frequencies used in chips, and most shelters and clinics can read only 1.  
 Many times they are even missed, you have to have the wand almost on top of them to get it to read the chip and that is if the wand they have, can even read that chips frequency.
 People move at least 2x in their life, how many remember to register a new change of address, phone number, etc. with the microchip registry?  I bet those of you  reading this, who have moved with a microchipped pet, are just now realizing you didn't update the registry - well, that just made it useless ;-)
 Chips can migrate through the body.  I had that happen with a cat I purchased.  The chip was inserted at the shoulder and the following year, it had migrated down the left leg, settling on a bony protrusion,  causing much irritation and a sore due to the cat biting at it to relieve the irritation.  I had to have it removed. 
  Many people are able to purchase and do the microchipping themselves, and they insert it incorrectly, too deeply.  Cases reported -   neurological damage to a kitten caused by inserting it into the brain stem.  An Alpaca dying due to insertion into the spinal cord. 
You can do some serious damage if you are not properly trained.  Leave it to a professional if it must be done.
  There are also reports coming to light about sarcomas developing at / around the injection site and it has been proven in lab animals.  One reason many breeders avoid certain vaccines is because of associated sarcomas, so now we are replacing that threat with something else that can do the same thing ??  And the person in actual possession of that animal, is the one left to deal with the sarcoma, if it does indeed develop, or even if the chip was improperly inserted and caused other serious problems sooner or later.
I don't know if I'd ever purchase another animal that had a microchip based on these issues.  You can bet the makers of microchips are going to squash any negativity they can, after all, there is alot of money at stake here, especially now that they are microchipping humans.
You need to pay attention and look for the truths.
 The best I can do for those who have questions or want to investigate further, is to refer you to some helpful links.  You can search more on yor own.
You form yor own opinion and decide what is right for you and your animals.......
And for probably the best source of updated research materials...
A very good Alternative to Microchipping:
Seen on TV, Animal Planet, Discovery, MSNBC, etc.  Uses are endless, from personal property to pets.  It requires your pet wear a tag with the 1-800 contact number and your PIN #  which is attached to personal contact numbers you provided.  You re-register annually - you always have access to updating  information to keep your tags current.  The finder reports this PIN #  via phone or online.  They are placed in direct contact with you within 7 to 20 seconds.  Your  personal information is protected.  Invaluable if they need regular medication or have health issues the finder needs to be aware of immediately.  You'll never have that quick an opportunity for instant care/recovery with a microchip, especially during travel.  The average person finding an animal has no idea it may have a microchip, may not even dawn on them or their vet if they decide to keep the animal.
Your pet may also need immediate veterinary care in which case the Smartitag gives instant contact with you to acquire your authorization to proceed with care and payment until you can get there.

My Persians are placed with a contract to protect all involved.
Show homes have priority. Local pickups are done at a public location mainly for safety reasons but it also serves as a preventive measure against people possibly bringing contagious disease, etc. into my home that could afflict my program at great expense to me.  The Life At Home page outlines the details of how I raise, along with photos, to satisfy your curiosity.  
  Breeding rights are only given to qualified Breeders who are currently registered as a ligitimate breeder/cattery in good standing with the registry they are affiliated.
I remain as Co-Owner of my Breeder/Show males placed with breeders.
  I do not support or encourage "backyard breeding" as you have no idea the health issues you could contribute to a breed by doing so if you are not an educated and knowledgeable breeder. You also have no idea the problems that you will encounter in all aspects of raising and you can be easily wiped out - at huge financial and emotional loss. 
Only dedicated, educated, registered Breeders should be breeding purebreds to preserve, contribute to and protect the breeds. Those who aspire to be a "Breeder" are certainly welcome to inquire - you must go about it the correct way.
Persians I place in pet / companion  homes,  are required to be
spayed / neutered, per contract.  Those that are breeder/show/premiership quality placed as pets must be spayed/neutered before CFA registration papers will be transferred, per contract.
All of my retired cats are Spayed / Neutered before I place them in loving homes, to fulfill my contract obligations owed to their breeders.
**When you sign a contract - you willingly agree to and are expected to adhere to its terms.  If you are not a shady person, you will have no problem with a contract.
Understand :  Acquiring the bloodlines, quality and health to work with as well as raising these cats is extremely costly and time consuming. 
  It is a 24/7 undertaking, dedication and sacrifice only a breeder knows.
If you just want a pet, you may wish to
 visit your local rescues/shelters first.
 Important :  Please be respectful of my time when I  arrange my schedule to set an appointment for you. I have to set aside a full day to bathe, groom, ready paperwork, etc.  
  With 3 different work obligations, time is very precious to me and it is extremely hard to rearrange my schedule.  If you are not one to be  considerate enough to give me at least a full day notice of appointment cancellation, look elsewhere - someone else can have the "pleasure".

 All Kittens / Retired adults will have had a recent health exam before they leave here.

 Contracts are to be with the original adopter / owner only.  I reserve right of refusal for any cat / kitten offered on this website at any time for any reason.


   Keep in mind, while my kittens / cats are vet checked before going to new homes and guaranteed to be in good health, their continued good health lies in your hands.   Cheap commercial foods excessive vaccine & drug use, chemical filled litters, cleaners, topical flea controls, etc.  can cause many health issues.   I can't make someone raise naturally and I am not responsible for your choices.

    I work extremely hard at raising for healthier Persians.  They are not immune to health issues but any health issues they should have are very minor due to being raised naturally - as long as you keep raising them naturally. 

   Please understand that I expect my placed kittens/cats to have a permanent home with you.  Go to my Rescue page and log onto rescue sites and see the fate I want them to avoid.  

  My concerns are that any cats I produce or adopt and retire,  go to loving, financially stable, and responsible homes.  The physical and emotional health and well-being of any cats adopted from Crystal Pond is extremely important to me.  I am responsible for these animals and I will only place in homes I feel meet these criteria. 

      Do not inquire for a kitten as a gift - it is not wise unless the person on the recieving end knows this will be a gift and is willing to take on a Persian as these animals require alot more care.  I require original owners  be the one to agree to the terms of the contract, etc. 

   I know you may also want a certain color but if your personalities clash it will not be an ideal home for one of my cats.  Personalities have to be matched or the cat may not have a permanent home.  Getting to know you will help me with offering you a kitten/cat who will be just perfect for you. 

 Yes of course you will have final choice,  just keep your breeders' suggestion in mind for a good personality match;-)  

  Some people want an active cat and some want more of a lap cat. Kittens are usually playful and rambunctious the first year so perhaps you may want a retired adult that is out of the kitten phase ??   Many other factors come into play that are usually beyond our control when it comes to an animal having a permanent home with someone,  but a caring breeder can eliminate the the common reasons through screenings.

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