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This page contains a variety of things for the sake of some diversity and interest.
I am currently working on the outside play area for the cats here at the new digs. 
  I was going to buy an actual full enclosure but, they are so "cagey" looking, and rather expensive for what they are and the materials they are made of.  I decided to build my own and incorporate some nice landscaping with it so it has a more natural look and appeal. 
 I will post photos once it is done with information about it & links to resources if you wish to create your own for your cats.
In the meantime, a small kennel works just fine. 

CFA Pet Health Care Plan 
Have a newly acquired /registered purebred cat ??
Take advantage of this offer !
* Available only within 28 days of registration certificate issue date .... including transfer of ownership, if prior owner had not activated Trial Plan.

Animal Planet - Cats101
  In 2008, I was contacted by Powderhouse Productions and asked if they could come out and video my kittens for Animal Planet's upcoming CATS101 segment.  I love Animal Planet and after a few discussions with them, I agreed.
  My 2008 litter ( 3 Calicos and a Black/White ) were some of the kittens pictured, representing the Persian breed.  It is fun to see them on TV when they were little, in their awkward growth stage.  They grew up to be such beautiful girls - one of which is my "Sissy" on the females page of this website. ;-)  You can see their Calico mother - Gypsy - doing a "walk-by" in the segment also.   And, my mom's pet quality black persian male " Sidney" rolling on the floor playing with his catnip toy. He would not leave the videographer alone and was in and out of his case and bags trying to play with everything.
You can view the Persian segment here! :
Automatically starts playing once you enter...... with a commercial first.
Scroll down the listed breeds and click on Persian.

~ Elizbar's Bunnies ~

Elizbar's Bunnies

  My niece, who is graduating High School this year (2013), has been raising and showing rabbits under the name of Elizbar's Bunnies for a few years now.   She shows everywhere her mother can drive to and has also attended nationals out of state.  She is out showing almost every weekend and has been cleaning up at the shows which is quite an accomplishment for someone so young. She is now a Registrar and can register other breeders rabbits for ARBA.  Her goal is to be a Judge, and she is soon to be starting veterinary school.  We all get glassy eyed talking with her because everything is about rabbits - LOL.  But then, she's a teenager and this is her only focus right now besides sports and preparing for, we'll count our blessings and take the rabbits anyday over what she could be getting into !!!   Click the Bunny banner above to visit !

 October 11, 2007
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Reiki for Animals & Humans
I've completed levels 1 & 2  which qualify me as a practitioner.  One must complete 2nd degree Reiki to be a practitioner.
Reiki is a wonderful alternative, non-invasive, healing modality that has been around for at least 2,000 years.  It was rediscovered by Dr. Mikao Isui in the mid 1800's while on a quest to find the healing techniques of the great teachers.
Reiki is Japanese with "Rei" meaning spirit or soul and "ki" meaning life force, an energy that animates all living things.
It is becoming quite a popular healing modality today and with 2nd degree certification, one can work as a Reiki practitioner  in hospitals, nursing homes, etc.
Reiki can be used for humans, animals, plants, etc.  It's common use is for stress release, emotional healing / balance & relaxation, addiction release as well as assisting the healing of illness/injury.
Reiki is not affiliated with any religion whatsoever, it is for anyone and everyone.
With todays fast paced lifestyle, demanding jobs and the stress and anxiety that comes with it, many face numerous emotional issues, inability to focus, relax and get a good nights sleep.  This causes a state of unwell in the body and is very draining and detrimental to our health.  We feel dragged out, exhausted, fatigued, suffer physical ailments, addictions, etc.  and are unhappy. Which, in turn affects everything in our life from our family, to our social lives, work performance, etc.
Reiki can help restore balance and teach you to relax and allow your body & mind to heal which in turn helps you feel renewed / restored, alive and much healthier as your treatments progress.
I'll be offering Reiki in the  future.

Member of the Persian Breed Council

Reiki Certificate - 1st Degree


Reiki Certificate - 2nd Degree


For my dedication & effort in Holistic Feline Breeding ................

PKD-DNA Testing-Human Error
  This is very unsettling to me and very important.
Recently, a breeder on a cat related list had a PKD DNA test on one of her cats come back Positive.  In disbelief, she retested and it came back Negative. 
Both tests were performed at UC Davis, CA.
 They had her send in for another test, free of charge.  This test came back Negative.  
 While DNA doesn't lie - it is a test performed by humans so there is obviously human error as with any test.  I strongly urge everyone who has had DNA testing done for PKD to retest via another lab to make sure your tests are Negative or Positive.
I also suggest retesting for any test.
If you get an opposite result, test a third time - if you end up with 2  of the same result, I would go with that result or test a fourth time.
Yes this can be a little expensive - but can you imagine the valuable cats that may have been removed from a program and desexed or put down - that may have had an incorrect test result ???  What about cats that may have tested Negative - could there be one or more  in your program or a friend's  that are actually Positive ??  Did you have a falling out with a breeder you purchased from over a possibly botched DNA test at the lab, causing them much grief over lines they work with / had previously scanned and whole heartedly believed  to be Negative ???  If you have access to that cat, you may salvage a friendship by retesting and placing the blame where it truly belongs.
 The other two labs I know of do PKD DNA testing also, if you wish to retest at a different lab this time ........
Vet Gen Labs


May 12, 2007
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Feline Blood Type Testing
 This is a huge step toward prevention of feline infant mortality rates.
All breeders should blood type test their cats to be sure breeding pairs are compatible to prevent  loss of infants.
For more information on "Blood Type Incompatibility in Cats".........
UC Davis of California Genetics Laboratory page on Feline AB blood group ( also offers testing using only buccal swabbing you can do and send in yourself which is quick/easy -  not requiring your vet to draw blood )...........
DMS Laboratories, Inc. also has a blood test "kit" available which requires your vet to take a blood sample. View this article for more information..........




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