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  I love the cat shows, they are a great way to get educated on breeds, breed standards, meet breeders and socialize with people who have the same interests.  And the vendors make it easy to acquire products and fun items for your "habit".   
   That said, I rarely get to a show.  I'm not as fortunate as most breeders and those who show for fun.  I'm stuck watching you all go out and make a name for yourselves. And I love those fabulous cats you produce and show, it is inspiring.   My work obligations just don't give me the opportunity you all have.   That is one reason I keep my program very small and just do what I can.  
   I truly appreciate those breeders, who's cats I have worked with, that understood my circumstances and cared more that their babies were going to a very small, quality program.  They would just choose to finish the cat before sending them on to me in most instances so it worked out fine in the end.
   Thank you for your support.


CFA Shows....
Ever been to a CFA show ??
I encourage you to go for a day and see what goes on.
It is a great way to learn about your breed, judging, meet and talk to breeders and see their cats up close.  Some have kittens for sale with them as well.  You'll also find alot of vendors to buy  toys/grooming supplies/furniture, etc. from. 
  Occasionally there are rescue orgainizations set up where you can adopt a needy cat as well.
Do you know many shows have "Household Pet" classes ?
If you've got a nice cat, visit CFA's site to learn about showing your pet cat ! Great way to learn about the Cat Fancy, especially if you are contemplating becoming a breeder.
For show dates/locations - come join the fun ! :
* Check the Show date list often if all the show information isn't listed yet for a particular date. Once it is actually licensed, all necessary information is listed.
Some shows are also added later,  as the year progresses.
P = The show is only planned at this time.
L = The show is licensed - will be held. 

Elliot's owners - Irv. & Ryan the day they took their handsome little guy home.



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