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" Education's purpose is to replace an empty mind ....... with an open one"

Malcolm Forbes


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Most of the following books can be purchased at
 The harder to find titles you can acquire at:
 I usually go for the used books offered for a fraction of cost.  Most of them are in great condition and  it saves money.
My favorite books .....

Below are a few  select, favorite books of mine, that have assisted me in raising my cats in a much healther manner. I've also listed some books that deal with breeding, showing, etc.  for anyone interested, especially new or aspiring breeders.  

With regards to health care and husbandry........ we or our vets may not agree with everything in any book, by anyone - no matter their experience or expertise......   keep an open mind and let trial and error guide you, as well as common sense.  There are alot of vets that don't even know the common problems associated with the Persian breed and some vets that make you even question their education.  Sometimes, your best source is a seasoned breeder as they've lived with these cats day in and day out and have far more experience with the breed.

   There are always a few things I don't agree with or did not have success with.  You take what you can from books, breeders, veterinarians, anyone who has anything to share and use what works best for you and your animals.  We all have our differences and that is what makes us unique. 



The Nature Of Animal Healing

Dr. Goldstein has a column in Animal Wellness Magazine  and is one of my favorites and this book is a must have for any pet owner.  Learn and understand the nature of disease and how to heal it from a conventional turned homeopathic veterinarian.  You'll enjoy this read - lots of resources in this book as well.

Natural Cat Care

Excellent book.
One of the best on natural cat care.
Celeste is an extremely accomplished woman and is a natural Tonkinese breeder.
She also has her PhD in nutrition. 

Homeopathic Care For Cats And Dogs

Fabulous Homeopathic pet care book by yet another conventional turned homeopathic veterinarian.
This is a thick book, easy to understand and read.
You'll find yourself reviewing it continually.
It is definitely one of my favorites.


Another of my favorite books.
Lots of great information and resources.
The only thing I'd avoid is the diets for cats - too many grains and vegetables, which cats really cannot digest. They would only get these in the wild from the stomach of their prey, after it has been partially digested - and in very small amounts.
Other than that, great read, you'll love it.


Oldie but Goodie !
Another fabulous book - only it is out of print so try to find a used one.  Worth every penny - big, thick book jam packed with alot of great information.   Keep in mind this is an old book so not everything may hold true to day as technology and studies have come along way.   Definitely for the cat lover.


Wonderful herbal cat care book.
Most people are a bit intimidated by homeopathy so I suggest going the herbal route until you are more educated and have gotten some experience with natural care under your belt. This little book fits the bill. 
Well written - easy read.


This little book is packed !
Ticks, ants, silverfish, Head Lice, D-Worming pets, moths, cockroaches, mosquitos, fleas, repellants for plants-animals-humans, Insect Bites, Burns, Herbal Mop Waters, etc.
Also covers a bit of the basics on pet nutrition.
* Do not use essential Oils around cats - let the room air out for a day before they are allowed in. Cats do not have the ability / lack the enzyme to process toxins as dogs and people do.  This is why cats can be prone to more health issues, because of the buildup of toxins in their body from things like drugs, vaccine adjuvants, compounds in essential oils, chemicals, etc.  Essential oils can be toxic to them, especially Tea Tree Oil and even Peppermint.
There are alot of natural/biodegradable, flea & fungus controls, shampoos/conditioners, ear care products, etc. that contain essential oils so read the  labels for your cat's sake.   Beware of anything that says, for example - "essential oil" "natural oils", or "oil of" in the ingredients list. 
Pick up at least one aromatherapy book and get acquainted with these oils so you are better educated on their uses.
 For a quick education and some valuable insight, visit:
Herbs, used for cleaning, aromatics, herbal infusions and health care with herbal  formulations are safest  when it comes to cats.  My cats enjoy an assortment of herbs in their food depending on their needs. 
Herbs are also incorporated into their sleeping and play areas.


Clean just about everything naturally from floors to ovens, toilets,fabrics,rugs,dishes,autos,etc.
Great book.
** Do not use essential oils around cats - let a room air out for a day or so before the cats are allowed in it.
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Dr. George Macleod ( 1912 - 1995 )
Photo curtesy of Peter Morrell

If you have any experience with Homeopathy, I  HIGHLY  recommend you acquire the books written by the late  Dr. George Macleod ( 1912 - 1995 ), MRCVS, DVSM, Vet FF Hom.
 Dr. Macleod was a graduate of Glasgow University.  He was also President of The British Association of Homeopathic Veterinary Surgeons and Veterinary Consultant to the Homeopathic Development Foundation.
  He used Homeopathy solely and exclusively with animals.   You'll be hard pressed to find a vet these days as good as this man.
  I have almost all of his books on cats, horses, pigs, etc.  and I cannot tell you how invaluable they are.

If you are a breeder or an aspiring breeder, below are some of the best books on the subject....


 Thick book -  great for rescues, shelters, new breeders, etc.   It would appeal to anyone thinking more along the lines of raising cats as a business, large scale.  Covers alot with regards to planning, materials, husbandry, etc.  A majority of this  book contains examples from UK catteries.  
However, most breeders are "hobby" breeders for lack of a better word.    They have small, in home, private, quality  programs - nothing of this scale......... because they do not run a business and  make a living off their animals.  This book does not cater to the small scale breeders looking for design to suit their needs.......... who are the majority.    
  There were few photos that were appealing.  Most were dreary, cold, uninviting  examples.  I was hoping to find more character and creativity.
So, while overall, it is a very informative and helpful book  in some ways, it was not quite what I expected - it was just OK for me.


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By Betty Bloomfield
 Great little book !
  It is said that Betty has probably hand reared more puppies and kittens than anyone else in the UK.  For many years, Betty has been involved in breeding, showing and obedience trials in the dog world.  Since saving a Persian kitten given to her, she has attended many cat shows speaking with breeders and owners.  Many sick, orphaned, premature and special needs kittens and puppies arrive regularly at Betty's Hertfordshire clinic founded in 1972.   Betty was a nurse who worked in a special care baby unit which greatly benefitted the clinic.  Her expertise in hand rearing and special interest on the nutrition of neonates is invaluable.  Her book covers everything from problems starting at conception to Clinical conditions, Cleft Palate, Chest Deformities, Leg Deformities, Fading Kitten Syndrome, Pneumonia, Septicaemia, Nutritional Requirements & Feed Mixtures, Rehydration Mixtures, Constipation, Tube Feeding, Hypoglycaemia, Diarrhea, Shock, Hypothermia, etc. all in short and to the point sections along with diagrams of a number of things.  I certainly recommend this book for breeders and pet owners alike.


 New Breeders, this is a must - get it on CFA's website.


New Breeders, another must, get it on CFA's website.


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Homeopathy Today
This is a monthly magazine offered by National Center For Homeopathy  It is practical and easy to read.  You'll learn about using homeopathic medicines via some of the finest homeopaths and authors.  Lists latest events, reasearch, books, case studies, etc.  Great for getting off on the right foot!!  To learn more and order this magazine, go to : 
The Complete Herbal Handbook For the Dog And The Cat
By Juliette de Bairacli Levy
 Probably one of the most revered herbalists of our time who has traveled the world learning of traditional herbal use by many peoples including the Gypsies. 
  She has raised Turkuman Afghan hounds for over 50 years - naturally.  There is not one herbalist, homeopathist who does not know this lady. Her medicines have always been herbs and fresh foods. 
  This is a great book with so much information - especially for the dog breeder.  The cat section is small but worth reading, most of the dog sections apply to the cat also but obviously in smaller ration.  There is quite alot on cleansing, ailments, treatment, diet, case studies, etc.  Quite an interesting read as she incorporates much of the ways the ancient peoples treated many afflictions.  Very interesting reading. 
    Natural Horse
A great magazine devoted to natural care for horses.
 It is available in print or online subscription.  This is the only natural horse care magazine I know of and I love it !   For an example of content from a random issue :   Wild horses and nature, Vital minerals in Herbs - outlining the rich benefits herbs give to horses, Essential Oils : Healing THE PSYCHE, Bad Habits Or Bad Training, Homeopathy use with horses, Rehabilitating problem hooves - barefoot, Depression and Horse Therapy, Aloe Vera for the Horse - internal and external uses, Barn security, horse tips, numerous sources for natural horse care supplies, Natural Care Veterinarians, Natural Hoof Care Farriers, Equine Dentists, Photo Contests, Legislative & Conventional Veterinary Medicine Alerts, etc. 
 I highly recommend this publication !
Tumours of The Breast
 By James Compton Burnett, MD
 I have not acquired this book yet.  It is basically on human breast tumours but because we and our animals can both use the same homeopathic medicine for our ailments and since these tumours can also occur in our pets, I felt it would be worth listing.  Burnett is an older homeopathic doctor so you may not understand his writings perfectly unless you have some knowledge of homeopathy.
   This book is a small book as most of Burnett's are - simple and to the point with case studies.  It is 92 pages and my guess is that every page contains valuable content.  Last I checked at Minimum Price Books it was $2.- so get it!!  Could be of great assistance to someone.
Flower Essences for Animals
By Lila Devi
  Please get this book !!!  If you are having behavioral issues whether it be you, your children, or your animals - this book will help you immensely.  Too many animals are given up to shelters/rescues because of behavioral issues. With this book - you will understand and relinquish them.  Lila Devi is founder and director of Spirit In Nature, formerly known as Master's Flower Essences.  She had developed Master's Essences in 1977 which is the oldest line of essences outside of the UK.   She has a bachelor of arts in English and Psychology and a secondary-education teaching certificate from the University of Michigan. 
  Flower Essences are a wonderful, complimentary healing aid to use with herbal/homeopathic medicine.  They work almost instantly with animals. This book is very informative and teaches you to understand behavior, roots, causes and how to remedy the undesireables. This is such a wonderful book for everyone from the pet owner to shelters, rescues, breeders, etc.  Animals dealing with trauma, fear, aggression, bad habits, etc. can all be helped immensely with this book and simple flower essences.
Ringworm, It's Constitutional Nature and Cure
By J. Compton Burnett, M.D. 
1892 -  This little book is wonderful.  I find the case studies to be very interesting though it is on human cases of ringworm - the treatments would still cross over to animals.  It gives a variety of cases with different forms of ringworm and the treatment/cures.  You will enjoy reading the small book and learn much to help you with this condition.  Also, keep in mind, when homeopathic treatments do not respond - it is suspect that vaccinosis plays a very big part in the block to cure. Treat the vaccinosis issue to remove that block.
Organon of Medicine
 Translation by William Boericke, M.D.
This is the bible of homeopathy. The fifth and last German edition published in 1833 was left interleaved by Samuel Hahnemann in his 86th year ready for publication. This is the Sixth Edition in English.  You will walk away with a completely different view of disease, symptoms, treatment, etc. It is a first and must read for anyone wanting to understand Homeopathy.
Raising cats Naturally
by Michelle T. Bernard
          Michelle has raised American Shorthairs for over 10 years - naturally.  She is  is very passionate about natural rearing and has written articles for Animal Wellness Magazine and others.  A good book for anyone wanting another outlook on feeding and raising cats naturally ( at least as close as possible to nature).   This is her culmination - along with the help of many of her veterinary counterparts in the field - of many years of experience.  You will learn about vaccination, food preparation, understanding carnivores and their needs along with topics on health.  There is also an index listing for sourcing supplies.
Robinson's Genetics for Cat Breeders & Veterinarians
By Carolyn M. Vella, Lorraine M. Shelton, John J. Mcgonagle, Terry W. Stanglein
 Excellent book on genetics and a must for every breeder.
Aromatherapy A Lifetime Guide to Healing With Essential Oils
By Valerie Gennari Cooksley
  Excellent book ! I cannot say enough about this book - It is thick and every page is full of valuable information. This is a wonderful self - help guide with Aromatherapy treatments for Digestive, Respiratory, Ear, Nose, Throat, Circulatory, Muscle and Joint problems, Skin and Hair, Children, Emotions, Memory, Baths, Body treatments, etc.
 Discusses Essential Oils and how they are produced, knowing the real thing from the imitations, and includes a great Reference Guide.
  You will love this book
 * Remember - Essential Oils are not for cats
Holistic Aromatherapy for Animals
 By Kristen Leigh Bell
Kristen has studied with Dr. Kurt Schnaubelt of the Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy, has her Master's Certification on Aromatherapy for Pets and is the founder of Aromaleigh Aromatherapy. She has used aromatherapy with animals for over 10 years. This is a quality book.
  Covers Aromatherapy for Dogs, Cats, Horses, Birds, Ferrets, Hamsters, Fish and Amphibians, etc.  Wonderful book with many formulations for pet soaps, healing oils, pest control and the likes.  There is alot of information in this book ! You will also find a Supplier list for Essential Oils, Hydrosols, Essential Oil Testing, Flower Essences, Packaging, Soap Suppliers, Education and a few others.
  I love this book.
Back To Eden
By Jethro Kloss
   A very inspirational and ambitious man, he developed a plant to manufacture wholesome foods for the health of the human race. He traveled giving lectures and food demonstrations, helping people one-on-one to understand the importance of a healthy diet and how they were causing thier own disease and early deaths. Many seeked this man out for treatment, advice, any help for their health.  Jethro and his wife took many a stranger in to their home to heal them with herbal and water therapy, nourishing diet and massage.  This book is mainly directed towards human health. You will be astonished at the wide variety of material covered in this book. It is absolutely wonderful and will keep your complete interest. Covered are :  Soil Preparation and Farming, postmortem findings due to lifelong negative dietary habits, water treatment for pneumonia, Making syrups, salves, poultices, herbs and their medicinal uses, Treating diseases with herbs such as heart problems, rabies, arthritis, jaundice, impure blood, influenza, insomnia, kidney stones, blood pressure, mumps, prostate, ringworm, sinus, gastritis, syphilis, ulcers, etc. Covers also, fiber, breads, elimination diets, discusses health destroying foods such as baking powder, condiments and caffeine. There are many treatments outlined and many recipes for better health. This is a must have, small but very thick book. There are a few revisions - I have the 1994 version.  You will love this book as it has had many rave reviews.
Cats: Homeopathic Remedies
By George Macleod MRCVS, DVS
 You have to have this book - especially if you are a breeder. This man is the best in my opinion and many others.  The late Dr. Macleod is a graduate of Glasgow University, worked for the British Government during WWII and was one of the very few veterinary surgeons that used homeopathy wholly and exclusively. He was the president of The British Association of Homeopathic Veterinary Surgeons and  also a Veterinary Consultant to the Homeopathic Development Foundation.  This is a great addition to your homeopathic library. It starts out with a Materia Medica of remedies and is followed by many diseases and a list of remedies for specific symptoms. A very helpful book for the cat owner and breeder. I do suggest you include a book on case taking so you know how to use homeopathy correctly. Symptoms and proper remedies for them make a huge difference. You have to be aware of the slightest symptoms to pick the correct remedy. 
Pocket Manual of Homeopathic Materia Medica
By William Boericke, M.D.
  This is an excellent Homeopathic pocket manual with over 1,076 pages of Materia Medica. It is a more in depth book on symptoms and remedy. Indespensible resource of  information and will serve you well. This is a book most homeopathic doctors and veterinarians referr to.
Concordant Materia Medica
By Frans Vermeulen
 With over 30 years of study which started when he was an elementary school teacher in 1976, Frans is one of the foremost Homeopathic doctors in the Netherlands. He is one of the highest rated instructors in the field.  This is twice the amount of the before mentioned Materia Medica above. If you are a bit more experienced - you will appreciate the vast amount of information in this book.  This book has 1,686 pages of more in-depth remedy/symptom materia medica. This is another must have book that will come in handy for extremely hard cases. Not for the beginner to start with, you need a good amount of knowledge regarding homeopathy and  acquired at least the basic skills of case taking.


  Animal Wellness Magazine
This magazine focuses on natural health/nutrition of all animals from horses to small pets.  You will find articles on subjects such as hip displaysia, Feline Leukemia Virus, Massage therapies, nutrition, etc.  Dr. Martin Goldstein also has a Q & A column which answers your health questions concerning your pets.  There are also pages on  Breed-Specific diets, book reviews, communing with animals, product picks, Holistic resource guide, classifieds, etc.  This is a very good magazine based on raising your animals naturally that you just do not find anywhere.