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E-Mail Permission required to take

E-Mail Permission required to take

The material on this website is to be used at your own discretion.
I highly suggest working with a Holistic veterinarian as every animal is different and may have different needs.
Always seek the help of a liscensed, preferably Holistic veterinarian regarding health issues.
Washington Homeopathic Products ( WHP )
Since 1873 - For a large selection of Homeopathy in various potencies including single remedy kits, books,  etc.
Important Homeopathic Use Guidelines  
   Homeopathic remedies are energy medicines and should not be kept on metal surfaces, near a Computer, TV, VCR, anything electrical, etc.
 Keep them out of the sun/ultraviolet light.  They should never be placed anywhere near magnets or X-ray machines either.  
  Do not use Homeopathy ( including Homeopathic Nosodes ) with herbs or food - wait a while ( about an hour ) before consuming herbs or herbal teas and such. 
 Most practitioners will advise 15 minutes before or after using a remedy.  I prefer about an hour - just to make sure I get the most effect out of my remedies.
 Try to avoid handling with your hands also.  Use the bottle cap to pour the pellets into.  Make sure you have not handled essential oils, lotions, creams, camphor, mint, onion, garlic, anything of strong odors, etc.  That includes using essential oil diffusers and room deodorizers / fresheners and strong cleaners.  Your hands should be very clean, odor free and dry when handling. 
You should wait preferably a good hour before and after taking a remedy to brush your teeth / use mouthwash- especially with a minty toothpaste as it will nullify the effects of your Homeopathy.
 Also, do not use tap water if you dissolve your remedy in water for use. Tap water contains chemicals among other undesireables to make it "safe" for human consumption.  What is in the treated tap water can negatively impact your remedies.  Please use spring or distilled water.  I prefer distilled as it is the purest water you can get - nothing is added to it.  I do not trust the spring waters either - many do come from a tap somewhere.
Do not drink Coffee at all. 
Coffee with nullify the effects of Homeopathy also.  Although, WHP has had feedback from a number of sources that Decaffeinated coffee seems to be OK if one really must have one cup of coffee a day.  Just remember - not within an hour before / after taking a remedy as it is a strong liquid.
 Do not place Homeopathy on Blue/Green/Teal colors as this will destroy all of the healing energy fields of the Homeopathy.
For a short education on this - It is something Dr. Gloria Dodd and Dr. Hazel Parcell descovered before Hazel's death.  Dr. Parcell taught people to use Clorox ( sodium hypochlorite ) baths for cleaning the residual pesticides, and pollutions from their vegetables, etc.  It is very hard to find plain old Clorox these days as it is mixed with other harmful ingredients which is potentially toxic.  Bagged salads sold in stores are loaded with chemicals - don't eat them !! 
 Dr. Dodd and Dr. Parcell, in looking for alternatives, stumbled upon the use of COLOR  impacting noxious energy fields - everything on this earth, humans, animals, plants, chemicals, pesticides, drugs, and even rocks etc. have an energy field.  In using Blue/Green papers in her studies, Dr. Parcell & Dr. Dodd found that somehow, the color selectively nullified the effects of noxious energies  produced by polluted foods, drugs, etc. which ultimately have a negative effect on the body of the consumer.    She noticed quite a difference in human and animal energy fields when all their food was treated with Blue-Green papers.  Use of the papers was simply placing the color of Blue over the Green  on a table to produce Teal - foods, treats, personal items, saran wrap, freezer bags, water, toothpaste, anything used by the consumer were put on top of that and let to sit for 15 minutes and then turned for another 15 minutes which succeeded in removing noxious energy from the products- making them much healthier and beneficial.  
 I myself have used these papers, Dr. Dodd can supply, for over 5 years for just about everything I buy. I line my cabinet shelfs, place squares of the papers in Gallon ziploc bags for refridgerator items, etc. 
Just remember to never set your Homeopathy on Blue/Green/Teal as the colors will destroy it's healing energy and render them useless.
Any questions contact Dr. Gloria Dodd D.V.M.
 For those of you who have used Homeopathy before, with little effect - you probably weren't aware of these guidelines and one or more of them may have been the reason for failure.  Many places that sell remedies are not studied in proper handling and care in use - they are just a business trying to make money filling public demand.
 You may have also not educated yourself on proper use which is the biggest reason for failure - you need a good book to help you figure out all of your symptoms to pick the correct remedy as some remedies are used for the same symptom.  The only remedy that will work will be the one that closely matches ALL of your symptoms - including emotional state.   
 I usggest you visit the link to Washington Homeopathic Products website, ask questions and get a few books - ask what books would be very helpful for a beginner. I have a number of books listed on this site also.
 If you want your remedies to work - follow these instructions !!
**See the Veterinary page for information on Homepathic home study courses.
Important Herbal  Guidelines
 Always use Organic or Wildcrafted herbs and herbs that are not irradiated if you possibly can.  If you are using herbs for medicinal reasons, there is no point if they are not Wildcrafted or Organic.  All crops are sprayed with insecticides, etc. and you will just be adding these toxins to your body by ingesting these treated herbs.
  Look for brightly colored, fresh looking herbs also.  Leafy herbs such as Alfalfa, Mint, Comfrey, Nettles, Catnip, etc. should have retained their bright, green color.    
  Flower top herbs such as Red Clover and Calendula, Chammomile, etc. should stay brightly colored if picked and dried properly.  If you order herbs and they are brown - send them back ! ( aside from those that are normally brown like bark herbs, some root herbs etc. )  They should refund your shipping also as the herbs were low quality and you should be recouped the costs for your inconvenience due to their inferior product.
 Your dried herbs should look almost just picked for optimal medicinal quality.   Use within 2 years - properly store away from moisture,  heat and light in a cool,  dark area - preferably in glass jars.  Plastic jars are OK too, just make sure the container is very clean and dry.
 Do not use copper or aluminum pots, pans, kettles or utensils when using herbs for medicinal purposes such as in teas, etc.  You will ruin the medicinal qualities.  Use only Stainless, enameled, glass as well as wooden, stainless, plastic utensils.  That includes teaballs for loose tea - stainless only.
 Keep your pots covered when making medicinal teas also to retain their valuable qualities. 
**See the veterinary page for information on Herbal home study courses.

 The Hippocratic Oath
 One of the oldest, most revered and binding documents in history is the Hippocratic Oath that a graduate of medicine swears to upon graduation.  Most of today's graduates swear to a modern version of the Oath. 
  Unfortunately, medicine in today's society is profit motivated, completely denying the Hippocratic Oath taken by Veterinarians and Doctors.
  I think starting this page with The Oath is only fitting.
  We all should know the true, original, ancient oath sworn to for over 2,000 years which was written by Hippocrates, an ancient Greek doctor & philosopher who also excelled in Geometry who was known in his time as the :
" Father of all Medicine "

Hippocrates - Founder of Medicine
460 B.C. to 377 B.C.

The Oath
By Hippocrates
Written 400 B.C.E
Translated by Francis Adams

I SWEAR by Apollo the physician, and Aesculapius, and Health, and All-heal, and all the gods and goddesses, that, according to my ability and judgment, I will keep this Oath and this stipulation- to reckon him who taught me this Art equally dear to me as my parents, to share my substance with him, and relieve his necessities if required; to look upon his offspring in the same footing as my own brothers, and to teach them this art, if they shall wish to learn it, without fee or stipulation; and that by precept, lecture, and every other mode of instruction, I will impart a knowledge of the Art to my own sons, and those of my teachers, and to disciples bound by a stipulation and oath according to the law of medicine, but to none others. I will follow that system of regimen which, according to my ability and judgment, I consider for the benefit of my patients, and abstain from whatever is deleterious and mischievous. I will give no deadly medicine to any one if asked, nor suggest any such counsel; and in like manner I will not give to a woman a pessary to produce abortion. With purity and with holiness I will pass my life and practice my Art. I will not cut persons laboring under the stone, but will leave this to be done by men who are practitioners of this work. Into whatever houses I enter, I will go into them for the benefit of the sick, and will abstain from every voluntary act of mischief and corruption; and, further from the seduction of females or males, of freemen and slaves. Whatever, in connection with my professional practice or not, in connection with it, I see or hear, in the life of men, which ought not to be spoken of abroad, I will not divulge, as reckoning that all such should be kept secret. While I continue to keep this Oath unviolated, may it be granted to me to enjoy life and the practice of the art, respected by all men, in all times! But should I trespass and violate this Oath, may the reverse be my lot!


Samuel Hahnemann ( 1755 - 1843 )
Founder of Homeopathy ( Picture from London Homeopathic Hospital )

Samuel Hahnemann of Germany, quite an exraordinary man of medicine.
For a biography of Hahnemann:
Better yet, read an online book of Hahnemann's life. 
It only has 92 Chapters with pics  ;-)  Great reading if you want to learn about this master of homeopathy and his life. 
 Use the buttons on the left hand side to open each chapter :

The Life and Letters of Dr Samuel Hahnemann
By Thomas Lindsley Bradford, M.D.

Presented by Dr Robert Séror

 What is Homeopathy ????
   Homeopathy is a natural "energy medicine" which mimics illness and stimulates healing based on the idea that
"like cures like".
  Our bodies are made up of energy - we are alive due to the energy flowing through us.  It is referred to as the " Vital Force ".
  In China it is " Chi "  , India " Prana " ,  etc.   It gives us our
" animation "  to move and talk, etc. 
  Disease is a disturbance of our energy flow and to restore our energy flow you have to cure the disease.  Homeopathy is energy medicine - an energy pattern.  It mimics the  illness vibrations of a sick body and stimulates healing.
   Example, Coffee overstimulates the mind and can cause insomnia.  If you take the  homeopathic remedy, Coffea, for these symptoms, you will be able to sleep dispite your overactive mind.
  Like Cures Like - it is that simple.
  Simply put, anything that invokes symptoms in a healthy person can cure those same symptoms in one who is sick.
   This applies to man and animals - the remedies are the same for each, no seperate anything.   Any remedy used for a man's symptoms can also be used in an animal that has those same symptoms.  Very simple, very affordable and readily available.
  The hardest part of using homeopathy is finding every symptom you can to be able to pick the remedy that will cure.  Some remedies share symptoms but there  could be one symptom that one of them may have that the others don't which is on your list.  That one would be the best bet for a cure.
  Homeopathic remedies also are effective against viruses where antibiotics are not.  They also can speed healing and often help avoid surgeries which would be unavoidable with  modern medicine.
  Homeopathic remedies are chemical free and help remove toxins from the body.  Modern medicines increase the load of toxins in the body.
      A fascinating example:
     Conventional medicines supress symptoms which evolve into another, more serious illness over time.  Say you have symptoms of a skin ailment - it is supressed by conventional drugs ( not actually cured )- this supression later gives rise to asthma - which is also supressed by more drugs - in turn this supression causes another illness like heart disease or arthritis, etc.
  When you finally start treating homeopathically, the whole process reverses itself - it is fascinating.  You start treating the heart disease, which then gives way to the previous asthma symptoms which are then cured and then that gives way to the skin condition which is also cured.  They all resurface briefly in the order in which they were supressed by conventional medicines as they are cured.  It is incredible. 
  Many people " flounder" using homeopathy because they do not understand what they are doing and they think it is not working if they do not understand how it works.  Take the time to learn and understand how it stimulates the immune system to heal and what to expect.  Don't just grab a remedy and expect it to be a cure - understand it - know what will happen.  Read as much as you can.  As the symptoms change - you need to change the remedy also to fit those symptoms, do not just keep taking the same initial remedy.
  Quick fix people especially need to sit and educate themselves. You need to be aware of every symptom to pick the correct remedy, this could take hours of reperatorizing in tough cases but you learn so much in the process. If you mix and match all kinds of things in an effort to cure, you get nowhere. 
  Also, you need to keep in mind proper storage and care which if not followed, will render the remedy useless.  This is energy medicine which you need to take some time to acquaint yourself with.  It does not work like modern medicines we are accustomed to.
  Why use homeopathy?.......... It is safe
The following text comes from an array of sources through my personal experiences,  studies, books read ( which I certainly suggest everyone read ), etc.
  Pregnant woman and pregnant animals can use Homeopathy and you can use it with infants - that is how safe it is.   In over 130 years, Washington Homeopathic Products alone have never had a confirmed report of an ill effect of a remedy.
   Prescription drugs alone kill over 100,000 Americans a year.  We are talking only the properly prescribed, properly taken which are the 4th -6th leading cause of death in the USA.  That is not including all the unreported cases of illegal prescription use/sale.  That is from the Journal of the American Medical Association ( 4/15/98 ).  The number is probably alot higher now every year.  Take into account deaths and mutilations caused by vaccines and over the counter drugs which are not included in the above figure.  
  Animals are so full of toxins from overvaccination they are plagued with multiple problems and modern veterinarians just keep giving more chemical medications to them. It is a vicious cycle often ending in death and euthanasia.
  Just to give you an idea of the toxins in vaccines that we are oblivious to,  DR. Gloria Dodd, D.V.M. 's letter to the USDA Center for Veterinary Biologics contained this section of facts:
  "When you do some research and discover that vaccines contain some of the most poisonous compounds and elements known to man (and foreign organic material that is also toxic when injected into anything), i.e. formaldehyde, mercury and aluminum compounds, phenol (carbolic acid), borax (ant killer), methanol, dye, acetone (solvent, polish remover),disinfectant, glycerine, antifreeze, MSG and several other poisons, plus also toxic when injected, animal organ tissue and blood (e.g. monkey, cow, chicken, pig, sheep, dog, etc), contaminant animal viruses (e.g. SV40, which causes cancer in humans), aborted human foetus cells, large foreign proteins, mutated (more virulent) human viruses in high doses, bacterial endotoxins, antibiotics, bacteria, genetically modified yeast, latex, and animal, bacterial and viral DNA, which, when injected, can be incorporated into the recipient's DNA, then LOGIC dictates that you question whether violent poisons, which by definition are very harmful, are really going to be good for any living creature's immune system(?), let alone your tiny infant and baby animal with its very immature immune and neurological systems."

   Homeopathic remedies work when antibiotics fail.  Pneumonia, Sinusitis,  Menengitis, Tuberculosis, Venerial diseases, Malaria,  etc. have all been cured using homeopathic remedies alone.
     Over 42 million Americans in 2003 had no insurance. 
  There is no reason for anyone to have to suffer because they cannot afford medical help.   Homeopathy costs about 8 cents a dose.  And being that in homeopathy the rule of thumb is "minimum dose" the least amount of remedy is used to invoke the immune system into gear. You may very well only have to dose a couple times. 
   For approximately 32 cents, I cured my 14 year old tabby cat's urinary tract infection. It took 2 days.  Natural medicine is amazing if you take the time to learn how to use it properly.  How much money did I just save by treating her at home ??? How many of you have gone to the vet for this ??  I didn't need to add toxins to her body with modern medicines.   It was simple and I dosed 4 times in two days.  This was when I didn't know much at all about homeopathy.  I just happened to have bought a remedy kit and figured I would give it a go before taking her to the vet. 
 I kick myself every day for all the years of ignorance and the money I wasted because I didn't believe.
  When my dog had Parvovirus - it cost me about $4.- to treat him at home and I thought he was going to die - he was that bad.  It cost a friend of mine over $500.- at a clinic when her dog had come down with it.
  Heartworm - if your dog catches it - expect to pay around $1,000.- for treatment.  Costs me about $10.- a year to prevent and with the same treatment - the condition can be reversed in those who already have it.  Adding COQ10 helps immensely for the heart also.  Heartworm Nosodes are a good choice here also.
   Modern medicines costs are ludacrist and they do more harm than good.  How much do the elderly pay just for prescriptions every month ??  Did you ever notice how much many of the elderly's bodies changed for the worse after being on prescription medicines for a while - I have.
 If only you all knew and took the time to learn !!!
  You don't need to diagnose a disease to treat it - you can start immediately if you have the remedy on hand at home or always with you ( keep a remedy kit).  You are not going to harm yourself.  Homeopathy treats by symptoms, not disease because each and every individual may have very different symptoms if they have the same disease, virus, whatever.  You should still consult your doctors but try the best you can to find a homeopathic doctor so you can avoid chemicals that poison your organs and cause numerous health issues.
  People allergic  to antibiotics can safely use homeopathy since it can substitute for almost every conventional drug and then some.
   Many famous people are tied to homeopathy such as Queen Elizabeth ( patron of The Royal London Homeopathic Hospital ), Mother Theresa, Mark Twain, John D. Rockerfeller, Charles Dickens, Mahatmi Ghandi, Daniel Webster, etc.
   For the average layperson and even the experienced wanting  good reference guides for homeopathy,
 I strongly suggest these 2 books......


The Family Guide to Homeopathy
By Dr. Andrew Lockie
A must have, fabulous book containing 463 pages.  This is the best book for family use, first time users and those experienced who want a quick family reference guide.
 The beginning of the book covers what Homeopathy is, Materia Medicas and Repertories - how they are used, Homeopathic laws, Prescribing, finding a practitioner, controversy and proof, clinical trials, Potencies, the theories behind them and choosing the right potency and a look at homeopathy versus conventional medicine.   
Following that is the  importance / health hazards of food, water, toxic metals, air we breathe, recreational and street drugs, prevention, etc. There is a First Aid section also - excellent addition to the book.
 There is a General Symptom / Remedy finder section - very easy to use.  Followed by a list of remedies and their sources ( what they are obtained from).
 The book then goes into specific sections of the body and ailments / remedies.  You start with the mind and emotions, to the brain and nervous system, skin nails and hair, eyes, nose, teeth and gums, lungs and respiration, heart, blood and circulatory, muscle, bones and joints, esophagus, stomach, intestines, gall bladder, liver, kidneys, etc.
 The last section of the book discusses specific problems in women, men, infants, children, the elderly, etc. 
 This is just a marvelous book for the average layperson and you should not be without it.  It will remove the mystery and sense of helplessness you may have.  It is wonderful and interesting reading and  is also an excellent crossover for animal use - just pay attention to symptoms and the remedies suggested. We can all use the same homeopathic medicine as it treats by symptoms for all species of life.
 You can acquire this book for about $16.-  AND  any Homeopathic Remedy you may need at :
 Washington Homeopathic Products


Homeopathy  The Home Handbook For Survival
 By Alan Schmukler
 This is an excellent starter & survival book for everyone  and as a crossover for your pets.  It is simple and guides you in everything with simple instructions.  How to use remedies, how to select them, where to get them, everything you need to know to get started.  It is a thick book and just wonderful for the average person to understand.  Read through it completely - you will love it.
  Also in Alan's book :
     Light Therapy
  Another form of healing  which is miraculous is Spectrochrome light therapy or colored light healing.    This was discovered by a very brilliant Indian physician  - Dinshah Ghadiali in the early to mid 1900's.  In 1947 the FDA took him to trial over his claims and forbid him to promote colored light therapy, fined him $20,000.-, ordered him to surrender all his books which the government burned.  The FDA later confiscated and destroyed Spectrochrome lighting and filters from American homes.  They never even bothered to do testing of their own to see if his claims were true. 
    He spent a lifetime learning how to use  12 colors of light to heal.  It has been discovered through much research that we have photoreceptors throughout our whole body, not just our eyes.
  You may think that it is " ludacris" but apparently it is quite an impressive discovery as NASA and the Navy are even using colored lights to heal.  Children's Hospital in Wisconsin is running studies using colored light to heal burns and flesh wounds caused from chemotherapy and radiation, diabetic skin ulcers, treating brain tumors, etc. 
  You can grow muscle and skin cells 5 times faster than normal.  You can treat insomnia, pain and bleeding, cataracts, hemorrhages, ear infections, tuberculosis, hemorrhoids, hay fever, drug habits, etc.  A most miraculous is burn vicitims that develop new skin ( not scars ) using light therapy and this is even public record.
  To learn more and how to set up your own very inexpensive light therapy for you and your animals you can get the following book by Dinshah's son.  It will tell you everything you need to know. 
  I know, you are saying to yourself if it is so wonderful why have I never heard of it ?  Like homeopathy, it is just not considered an acceptable form of healing by modern medicine.  It is too easy and affordable,  obviously.
   Even if you are skeptical, read the book and give light therapy a try - see for yourself.  What have you got to lose - except your closed mind.
Let There Be Light
 by Darius Dinshah Ghadiali

Health Issues and Their Alternatives Listed Alphabetically

"Everyone should know that most cancer research is largely a fraud and that the major cancer research organisations are derelict in their duties to the people who support them."

Linus Pauling PhD (Two-time Nobel Prize winner)

     Cancer Research - A Super Fraud ??

Visit the link below:

  Animals and humans alike are plagued with this disease.  Many forms of Cancer are caused from vaccines, along with our dietary habits, lack of exercise and oxygen in the body and exposure to chemicals, radon gas which has been shown to be a causitive factor for Leukemia and Lung Cancer, etc.
 Many of you have never heard of Essiac ( Es - ee - ack )
"The results we obtained with thousands of patients
of various races, sexes and ages with all types of cancer
definitely prove Essiac to be a cure for cancer.
Studies done in four laboratories in the United States
and one more in Canada also fortify this claim."
Dr. Charles Brusch
President Kennedy's personal physician
   Essiac is an herbal formulation that is extremely effective against cancer and was used by a Canadian nurse, Renee Caisse ( 1887 - 1978 ), for 50 years treating cancer patients with excellent success.  She had gotten the herbal formulation when she was in her 20's from an 80 year old English woman who was a patient.  She noticed a mass of scar tissue on the woman's breast and asked what it was from ( breast cancer) and the woman told her of the Ojibwe Medicine Man who had helped heal her over 30 years prior by telling her what herbs to grow and how to take them.  Naturally Renee inquired as to the herbs used and began a lifelong commitment to working with cancer victims.    It was a formula the Natives used to clear tumors from the body and purify the blood. 
Of course with modern medicine - it is not accepted but if you look it up - you will find so many success stories.
 There are many informational links to Essiac but this one is the most original/reputable - most factual.  You will find everything you need here for learning about, formulating and using Essiac for you and your pets who have cancer. 
*** I had also read of Arrowroot salve used to draw out tumors - literally.  Over time it forces the tumor right out through the skin leaving you with a "ball" of sorts for a keepsake.  It is painful as it is forced out over time but worth it to help save your breast, evacuate the tumor from the body, etc.  You can use a remedy kit for pain relief.
As with all herbal products - everyone wants a "piece of the pie" so to speak - there is alot of inferior quality/peddlers out there so go here first to learn about and find Essiac.  Do not try to save a buck and use inferior herbs that  may have little or completely lost their medicinal value - Life cannot be bought back. 
*  I find " Blessed Herbs" has some of the best quality herbs around.
  Always try to find Organically grown or Wildcrafted herbs free of pesticides/herbicides, etc.
 Please visit all the links within this site - it is fabulous !! 
Also visit
Your diet is probably the biggest factor in preventing and reversing cancer.  The foods we eat these days cause our body to become acidic which is an ideal environment for cancer to flourish.  Also having a high oxygen level helps kill cancer cells.  For more information and a list of Acid and Alkaline causing foods:
Also, oxygen deprivation of the body due to lack of excersize, pollution, etc. is a big contributor, cancer thrives in a low oxygen environment.
I use Aerobic 07 liquid oxygen to supplement my diet as well as my animal's diets.  When I make distilled drinking water, I add Aerobic 07 to it to help oxygenate the body when consumed. Disease cannot live in a body high in oxygen - especially Cancer and even parasites. 
Go to this link to learn more / to buy on Aerobic 07:
 Aerobic 07 can also be acquired from The Vitamin Shoppe:
Also visit Shirley's Wellness Cafe for an abundance of information on Cancer and natural healing, more on Essiac,  the look into chemotherapy, surgery, radiation, etc.:
Also visit Dr. Gloria Dodd's website Everglo-Natural Veterinary Services  for cancer information here:
Radon gas - information/statistics and remediation:

Commercial Pet Food Controversy
"Pet Food Manufacturers spend alot of money to formulate and produce good, wholesome foods for our pets........"
*If anyone ever tells you that, send them here or mail them the articles.
I was once told this when I first started questioning animal illness and began raising naturally.  Especially, after noticing all kinds of dog breeds getting fatty tumors, horrible skin conditions, cancers, siezures, etc.  As they get older they are so stiff in their movements compared to a naturally raised animal.  You rarely hear of any of this in animals fed a species appropriate diet and treated with natural medicines - my animals are a good example.  I have never even needed to use flea control as obvioulsy a healthy body wards off most parasites.   I believe, without a doubt, that commercial foods and drugs/vaccines are to blame for almost every ailment pets suffer today. 
 In 1999, a press release from the Animal Protection Institute stated that most commercial pet food is made up of slaughterhouse waste, moldy, contaminated grains that are considered unfit for human consumption.  Mysteriously labeled "by-products" are, in reality, a deadly mixture of contaminated animal heads, toenails, bones, blood, pus, intestines, chicken feathers, hair and lungs, as well as other dogs and cats euthanised at shelters and vet practices,  which are certainly not mentioned on pet food labels.
Fat stabilisers are used to prevent food from turning rancid and the common  chemicals in fat stabilizers are BHA and BHT - both known to cause liver and kidney dysfunction.  And according to Dr. Belfield, tests also prove adverse reproductive, brain, behavioral and allergic reactions to these chemical additives as well as damaged and painful bones and joints.
Propylene glycol, first cousing to antifreeze, is found in many semi-moist dog foods and causes the fatal destruction of red blood cells which in turn jeopordizes the flow of rich, oxygenated blood to all the tissues and joints in the body.
 The $10 Billion pet food industry is unregulated by government bodies !
No Testing is done to detect heavy metals, drugs, pathogens, pesticides, etc. which are all indicated in bone / joint misery.
Rendering facilites that pet food companies buy their protein source from use everything, including domestic animals from shelters and veterinary clinics, diseased and rotted body parts cut off animals for human consumption, etc.  Other materials cooked down are known as the " 4 - D " ( Dead, Diseased, Dying and Disabled ).  This is Slaughterhouse waste, roadkill, garbage from restaurants & grocery stores, zoo animals, etc.
 The Association of American Feed Control Officials ( AAFCO ) oversees labeling text.  They provide a list of ingredients that can be used in food for pets and livestock. 
 A sample of that list:
hydrolized hair, feathers, swine waste, ruminant waste, poultry waste, manures, wastes of any kind that are not human.
  Those of you that buy commercial foods are almost  guaranteed to be feeding rendered waste.
  Another unknown fact is the extremely high levels of Heavy Metals in pet food. Aluminum is the biggest culprit and is found is exceedingly high amounts in mostly dry foods ( All Brands) and even canned foods including tuna fish.  Lead seeps into the food from the seams in the cans also.  It is amazing what the average person just does not know.  These heavy metals contribute sometimes even more to health problems and it is never thought of.  The animals are put on all kinds of meds and never get well or get better only to fall back over and over because the foods are to blame.  Vaccinosis  is also a major contributor - scroll down for more info on that.
  The next time your pet is sick - look first at the " food " you are feeding them.  Then look at the vaccines and drugs you give them.  Take care of your animals yourself as much as you can with real, fresh, natural foods and natural medicine.  There is nothing you cannot learn - we all have capable minds. 
**Colgate Palmolive owns one of the largest rendering facilities......
They also own Hills Science Diet Pet Food.
The Dark Side of Recycling
By Keith Woods
An article on rendering plants published in 1990 in Earth Island Journal
Not for the squeemish........ any of the following links actually - they are the truth and of course the truth is always harder to swallow.
Food Not Fit For A Pet
By Wendell O. Belfield DVM
  If you want to learn more about pet food rendering and what exactly is in these foods you buy. You will be told from those who have worked in the rendering plants ( like a veterinary food inspector), Dept. of Agriculture, etc.  No wonder our animals have so many health problems.  Visit the other links too.
The Poisons in Pet Food
To learn about the commercial pet foods and the diseases they cause ( displaysia, eye problems, ear problems, lick granulomas, thyroid imbalance, birth defects, gum disease, liver problems, heart problems, skin and coat afflictions, etc. ) visit this page:

 Polluted Pet Food

4 articles by Nuxus Magazine on pet food rendering

Nutri Cal -   Many breeders use this supplement to put weight on their kittens and cats, etc.  What they don't know is this artificial food contains Sodium Benzoate, a preservative toxic to cats which accumulates in the liver.

The Pet Food Industry and it's Questionable Practices

A more in-depth article which also outlines the horrible animal experiments that Iams utilates ( to formulate "quality pet food" ) to support it's nutritional claims.

Pet Food - Our Pets are Dying for it

"  Every time a pet trustingly eats another bowl of high sugar pet food, he is being brought that much closer to diabetes, hypoglycemia, overweight, nervousness, cataracts, allergy  and death"

R.Geoffrey Broderick  DVM

Corpse Disposal

Animal Defense League website in Los Angelas, CA ( as of July 28, 2003) - visit all the links, including the one on Breeders.  Yes, I am a breeder but I agree with them also.   Keep in mind.......there are Breeders ( breeding for money running puppy and kitty mills, selling to  labs, stores, etc. with no care or concern for the welfare or health of what they produce ) and there are Breeders ( preserving a species  working with genetically sound lines, keeping very small numbers to contribute to good health, educating adopters on  the breed and health care and providing continual support.  Never selling without a contract to protect the welfare of the animal ! 

 We need good breeders for every species of animal in the world to preserve them, not make a living off them.  We lose a species every year .

 You need to also look at the people who contribute to overpopulation by not spaying/neutering pets, having litters for fun, having to give up pets due to rehoming and not being allowed to keep pets, financial reasons - especially veterinary health care costs that are outlandish when a pet falls ill, stability reasons, abuse, insurance companies and their war on dogs and refusing to insure homeowners which usually results in them having to relinquish their pet to a shelter, etc.  There is a whole lot more to lay blame on and we all are guilty. 

 Be responsible and just care.

If you need to see pictures ( for those of you who need more than text) of pets who were once family members being carted off to a rendering plant..........

* Rendering companies provide a valuable service.  They take care of the dead,diseased carcasses that would otherwise pollute our environment, spread disease, etc.  I would rather they use crematories.

  Most of the end product ends up also in cosmetics, detergents, cleaners, candles, man made materials, etc.

  It is not OK to  turn the end product into pet food.  It is not fit for consumption by ANY animal.

  To this date I only know of one shelter in Florida that has added a crematory to its facilities for domestic pets.  Even so, with everything else rendered down - it is not FOOD.

 Give your pets REAL FOOD in as close to it's natural state as possible for good health and quality of life...please, they are part of your family.

This is a pretty common affliction for dogs, cats and humans.  Usually, you will see redness, irritation of the eye and a thick, yellow discharge.  The eye needs to be cleaned a few times a day and you have to keep it from sticking shut or it can cause the eye to ulcer, and then you have problems, and a big vet bill.  Use a Chammomile teabag and very warm water to soak the eye area, very gently.  Lightly clean away the mucous.
 The most common cause in cats is the Feline Herpes Virus ( FHV)/Rhinotracheitis.  It is also as prevalent as the common cold is to humans - about 90% of cats are exposed as it is so easily transmissable and is not easy to remedy.  
Many cats have a good immune system and it doesn't affect them.  Those that aren't so hardy, have some truly stressful experiences, etc. are prone to outbreaks, usually twice a year and either the very young or the very old are commonly affected. 
 Your veterinarian can swab the affected area and perform a DNA test on the fluid for an accurate diagnosis. 
Many breeders that have FHV issues add L-Lysine to their cat's diets - 1,000 milligrams per day per cat.  It has been proven to suppress replication and keep the FHV at bay.
For an affected cat, it should be given for the life of the animal.
You can find it in capsules, tablet or powder form - Puritan's Pride  carries it.  Capsules, pull apart and empty into the food.  Tablets you can either crush and add to the food or drop in a half ounce of water and let it dissolve and then add it to the food.

Cod Liver Oil Gelcaps

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Conjunctivitis & Cod Liver Oil
Per my past experience, Cod Liver Oil is great for eye problems, largely due to it's high vitamin A content.
 I also found while treating numerous animals for people, that if the conjunctivitis in a particular animal is bacterial in nature, the Cod Liver Oil will clear it up overnight or in a few days.  If it persists more than a few days, it is likely viral ( FHV) at which time you should have your vet swab the affected area for a sample and have it DNA tested to confirm FHV and proceed from there with treatment.
 I've also used Cod Liver Oil on my mother's Llama's eye daily, when she hit it and caused it to turn opaque blue - sort of like a cataract.  She was basically blind in that eye from the trauma.   You could see it clearing up more every day with the Cod Liver Oil, it was amazing.  I wish I had taken pictures.
I use 500 milligram softgels, bite the tip off and squeeze in a cleaned eye - gently pull the eyelids out a bit to work it in around the eyeball and under the lids.  Never save part of a softgel, it goes rancid quickly. use a whole softgel up.

 Feline  Instincts
A species appropriate diet that works with the way animals are designed by nature to eat, is the only acceptable way to feed your pets.
Dog & Cat formulas !
For making a homemade raw diet yourself, I recommend  Feline  Instincts.
   Feline Instincts has the  best pet food formulation next to making it from scratch yourself as outlined in Michelle Bernard's book - " Raising Cats Naturally ".   Michelle's diet in her book is very similar to Feline instincts.
Feline Instincts has combined all the highest quality  supplements needed - you just add the fresh, raw meats.   It is great for pet owners  as switching to a raw diet can be intimidating and confusing with the supplements and the likes - everything in Feline  Insticts  is the highest quality and you only have to measure out what you need, mix with some water and blend it into the meat along with the contents of the Salmon Oil capsules provided and you are done - freeze in portions and only take out what you will need every 3 days.  Go to my Life At Home  page and learn how to do it step by step.
  To learn more and to order, visit the  website. 
 Breeders - ask about the Breeder discount:
Feline Instincts
Lisa A. Pierson, D.V.M
Dr. Pierson owns and raises her cats with a homemade raw diet.  This is a very good, informational page that may give you more confidence.  Actually reading what a vet thinks of raw and seeing that she raises her cats with it may be more convincing to you.
  There are many holistic foods out there but too many of them are high in grains and fillers to pack on the weight.  They are cheaper than meats but they do not compare to meat.  These foods  are still cooked which alters the structure of the proteins and are just overall inferior to a real food diet your pets should have in the first place.  
   Man made foods are not ideal - you get better results with a natural, fresh meat diet and supplements.  High quality canned foods of chunked meats are much better by far than any dry foods.  
  Keep in mind, dry foods are very high in heavy metals such as aluminum, mercury, etc.  Especially aluminum.  They are very detrimental to health.  Even the seams of canned foods can  seap lead into the food and the can itself may contribute to aluminum in the food.  Grains have a tendency to absorb heavy metals in excess while growing in fields - wheat especially as far as aluminum.  It is a good example as to where the excess heavy metals come from in dry pet foods that is just not common knowledge.   I highly recommend at least twice a year to use homeopathy to remove heavy metals/pesticides/herbicides from your animals and  even yourselves.
  Everglo-Natural and Washington Homeopathic products carry homeopathy for this.
Nature's Logic, Nature's Variety & Wysong
    For those of you looking for a high quality canned food to aid in switching over to a raw diet or for the older animal you just cannot get to eat the homemade raw diet easily at first, I recommend one of these canned formulas.  They are the only commercially prepared canned foods I will recommend.  They are  what I recommend to my kitten adopters who don't feel comfortable with raw diets yet. 
Pleae keep in mind, what you feel or have fear of does not matter - raw foods are a necessity to a carnivore and you need to get over the conditioning and your fears to raise these animals as they should be raised with a species appropriate diet for optimal health.  Only then will we be able to stop the vicious cycle of the diseases these animals are riddled with because of our ego's and man's desire to know what is best.  Nature created these animals, not us.  We have no right to play god and in doing so - these animals are suffering degenerative diseases.  It is our fault.
  If making the raw diet is too intimidating for you at first, start with  Nature's Variety frozen raw meals which are complete - sold in 6 LB bags of  8oz patties or smaller for cats and dogs.  This is ideal for those of you wanting to start feeding naturally, just need some time to adjust and it is an easy place to start. I use this on occasion for variety in my cat's diet.
 Most specialty pet food stores are carrying this now along with the Nature's Variety Prairie canned formulas.
 To learn more about Nature's Variety and for help locating a supplier near you,  visit their site:
Nature's Variety
Nature's Logic  is my 1st choice for a canned formula because they are the only natural canned formula that doesn't even use synthetic vitamins, etc.  And, like Nature's Variety, they line the inside of the cans so the food doesn't touch the metal. 
 Wysong canned cat food, ( available in chicken, turkey, beef and a few new flavors ) also a good choice, like the beforementioned, is another canned closest to a homemade  diet while being conveniently premade and packaged for those of us needing convenience.  The only downfall is of course canned is not raw.  These formulas, however, are  especially ideal for a cattery just starting out in natural rearing or wanting to at least feed a more species appropriate diet.  Canned  is time saving and convenient and you can mix in the Nature's Variety raw patties with it while adjusting to a natural feeding program. I prefer you use sliced raw meats, cats like substance to their food - not mush.  
 Dr. Wysong firmly suggests to add fresh cut meats to the meals and to rotate formulas to be sure all dietary needs are met.
 If you won't make your pet's good food at home - I firmly suggest you use one of these canned and add some raw meats to it. 
 However, Wysong does make an all meat cznned -t here is absolutely nothing in it but meat - called thier Au Jus formulas.   Should you choose to only feed canned Wysong Au Jus formulas with nothing else, you must use their Call Of The Wild supplement, it is imperative you add the supplement powder. 
 If you mix the Wysong with Nature's Logic or Nature's Variety, it is not as necessary.
Wysong makes foods for cats, dogs and horses as well as Camelids, Porcines, etc.  For ingredient information and a vast amount of educational articles and to order, please visit Dr. Wysong's excellent  websit

 I am against declawing, any ethical breeder is,
 any educated pet owner is.  Persians for the mostpart are not as active and into clawing everything as the average alley cat. Mine have never used anything but their Sisal scratching posts.
 If you keep one available at all times, your cats will use it.  Use Sisal because if you use carpet posts, you are teaching them that any carpet is good for scratching.  Use some common sense.
 Declawing is amputation - you are removing not only the claw but the first knuckle.
 The cat's foot is a very complex  part of the body. Tendons are connected to the first knuckle.  By digging claws into a post or tree, etc. to hold onto,  allows for proper stretching down through the back.  A cat's claws and first knuckle are imperative for  them to walk  with correct posture. 
 It is part of a cat's survival / defense mechanism also and they certainly do experience traumatic stress when they realize such an important part of them is gone.  They will rely on their teeth more for protection / defense, and likely have behavioral issues, some will show more aggression and some will become shy, introverted and unsociable. 
 Due to not being able to properly stretch, they will usually have aches and pains, etc. Only you won't really know - they will.
 Why on earth would you spend a small fortune on a purebred only to mutilate it and cause posture/ tendon issues and pain which can lead to other problems down the road ??
 Should you have a cat that is a bit overzealous with their claws - clip them.   Do it every 2 weeks or have a groomer or vet do it for you.
 This blunts the tip of the nails so they cannot damage anything or scratch you. It also helps prevent overgrowth on indoor cats. An overgrown nail can curl down towards and into the foot pad and puncture it, causing infection and alot of pain. Always check your cats nails for any signs of overgrowth and infection.
 I place all of my kittens with Nail clippers as well as numerous other grooming supplies so my adopters are well prepared to properly care for their new family member.
 Declawing has already been outlawed in California and other states are starting to follow suit and I am glad for it.
 For a serious education on Declawing, everything you do not know and most certainly should, please visit the following:
For a quick outline on trimming your cat's nails :


  The causes of diarrhea are vast, almost anything can cause it.  By paying particular attention to when and how it occurred, you will have a good idea as to what brought it on.

  Normally, diet change is the most common cause and I stress the importance of changing diet very slowly to avoid or at least minimize bouts of diarrhea until the animal is adjusted.  If you change the diet a cat is used to - it is almost a guarantee they will have diarrhea for a few days or weeks.  Each animal is different and adjusts in their own time.  Sometimes, the new food does not agree with them or they have an allergy to it so try a different food if no improvement is seen at all.

  Foods that are too rich, tension, stress, change in daily routine, eating the wrong kind of food, spoiled food, overeating, bacteria in water ( especially when adopted into a new home where the water is very different) parasites such as Giardia, Coccidia, E.Coli or other viral infections are all contributors to diarrhea.  I highly suggest you do not give your animals tap water for these reasons and also the fact that tap water is treated and also contains heavy metals and inorganic minerals - use distilled water.  For more information - scroll down the page to read more on wate.

    All cats have E.Coli but an overgrowth can cause diarrhea also and it can be very serious.

  The Gastrointestinal tract has one major function, to move any and all irritants out - fast.  You may also notice blood in the stools.  If the upper part of the small intestine near the stomach is inflamed and bleeding, the bowel movement will be black or very dark from digested blood.  If the irritation is lower down the colon, any blood mixed with the stool will be a fresh, red color.  Sometimes you may even notice excess mucous resembling jelly.

  I have noticed after a weekend of showing, the stress and long days, new smells, all the excitement, causes stomach upset in my cats. Some get diarrhea for a day or two afterward or a very dark, semi-loose stool.

  A 24 - 48 hour fast consisting of only water / broth ( no food ) will allow the intestinal tract to do its job of flushing everything out and also have a chance to rest.  During this time you can implement an herbal or homeopathic treatment.

 Make sure you give plenty of water or broth using a small squirt bottle if need be but be careful and go slowly.  I would try to get ˝ cup of fluid a day into the animal at a minimum.   Excessive diarrhea can rob the body of of fluid, potassium and sodium and leave the animal dehydrated.  It is a very good idea to make a broth of vegetable/meat & bone ( chicken, turkey or beef ) to replenish these.  You will be getting fluids and nutrition back into the animal which is extremely important.  Give several times a day amounting to at least a total of ˝ cup.

Suggested Herbal Treatment

Slippery Elm

Slippery Elm is the inner bark of the Slippery Elm Tree.  It is  excellent for any type of diarrhea.  It is a soothing, nutritive demulcent that coats inflamed mucous membranes.  It is ideal for cats with an upset stomach usually associated with diet change.

To Make:

  Mix 1 Rounded Teaspoon of Slippery Elm in 1 Cup of water. Bring to a boil while stirring constantly. Then, simmer on low heat for about 3 minutes to let mixture thicken slightly. Remove from heat and let cool, pour into a lidded jar and keep at room temperature. Will keep for a few days.

To Use:

Give 1 Teaspoon using a dropper 4 times per day or every 4 hours. Do this for several days if necessary. 

 If no improvement, seek professional advise.

Suggested Homeopathic Treatment

Schedule - Using one of  the remedies listed below, give one pillule or tablet every 4 hours for 3 treatments.  I would use a tiny squirt bottle or dropper bottle.  Add 1 teaspoon of water to the bottle, drop in the pillule or tablet, gently roll the bottle to dissolve it and then give the dose.  No food at least 15 minutes before or after. Wait 24 hours - if no improvement, try another remedy if it fits the symptom picture or seek professional advise.

  It is also good practice to fast for 48 hours - using only meat broths to keep them hydrated and get some nutrition into them.  Keep it in a tiny squirt bottle and lift the lip and give a little at a time throughout the day if they won't drink much.  This allows them to fully flush whatever caused upset as well as allow the intestines to heal.  Re-introduce food very slowly - backing off to broths again if they aren't quite ready for food.

Podophyllum 6C :      Gushing, foul smelling stool.

Arsenicum Album 6C:    Diarrhea caused from eating spoiled meat, frequent bowel movements - small in quantity, animal appears weak, thirsty & chilled.

Mercurius Corrosivus 6C :   Typical diarrhea of frequent, bloody stools and much straining. Usually caused by a toxic substance ( even bad commercial foods ) or viral infection.

Natrum Muriaticum 6X:    For cats with long lasting diarrhea that is usually dark, foul smelling. Animal is uncomfortable after eating and will hunch on all fours.

  As your pet feels better, start breaking the fast with a little bit of plain yogurt to replenish the good gut bacteria.  Give alternately with broth.

 The following day, give a very small amount of solid food - wet preferrably and continue the rest of the day alternating broth and plain yogurt.  If still doing well, add a little more food on day 3 and just continue - going very slowly until all is well again.

 Again, if you see no improvement, seek professional advise.


Essential Oils and Toxicity to Cats
** Please be careful with essential oils around your pets ! They are toxic to cats.  Even dogs are somewhat sensitive to them but they are safer fro a dog than a cat.  These oils are used as much for therapies as for fragrance and can be in a number of products.   If they are in a formula of any kind used for your felines ( or even your perfumes), make sure it is at least well diluted.  Shampoos are washed off  but the oils still leave a residue on the coat to retain the fragrance - please be very cautious.  If you can - avoid them completely with your cats. 
 Anything that says - Oil of, natural aromatic oils, Tea Tree Oil, Lavendar Oil, Lemon Oil, etc. are referring to an essential oil.   Cats can not rid their bodies of these concentrated oils and they are a "toxin" to cats.  Unlike most animals - their bodies are not capable of filtering them out.  Cats have very few detoxifying enzymes in their liver, unlike dogs and man, therefore many of the drugs / chemicals  ( including those in commerical foods ) are highly toxic to them and the root cause of most cancers & disease.  Birds and Ferrets, etc. are just as sensitive.
If you use a diffuser or "air purifying spray" with essential oils in your home, keep the cats out of that room for the day and then air it out for another day.
  For some excellent information and reading on Essential Oils and cats, visit:
And,  Sue Martin's website.  She is certified by the Australasian Aromatherapy Institute and keeps this website to inform people about Essential Oils and cats:
The Lavendar Cat
  Hydrosols ( floral waters made from the steam distillation process of Essential oils) are safer to use for cats.   Assuming they are tested for purity, quality and safety.  Alot of inferior hydrosols may be out there that do not maintain high quality standards and are unsafe for cats.  The only truly safe one is the Turkish Rose Hydrosol as they are required to test and maintain high quality by Turkish law. 
  Kristen Leigh Bell's book Holistic Aromatherapy for Animals has much study into Hydrosols and tells you what to ask and look for to make sure you get  high quality hydrosols you can safely use with your pets.  
  There are not many carriers of Hydrosols.  Scroll down a bit for links to the few I have found.  Flower essences are also a good choice for therapy - they are not fragrant, see my flower essences page.

( Feline Infectious Perotinitis )
I have read numerous studies, found online personal experiences others have shared as well as information directly from diagnostic laboratories including Colorado State University Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory.  I've also had one of my prize Himalayan kittens succomb to what we think may have been FIP in a new home ( new breeder/cattery ) approximately 7 months after arrival and  at approximately 1-1/2 years of age.  She was put down to end her suffering. The Tissue test was not done so we cannot be sure of FIP - there was  fluid buildup only in the chest.  Her vet thinks it was FIP ( via PCR test which is notorious for false positives and false negatives ) but never did the tissue test which is the only reliable test for FIP - and it is cheaper than the unreliable PCR test. I alwasy wondered why he , himself did not insist a tissue test be done as it is the most accurate form of diagnosis. We assumed he may be correct anyway.   I had no experience with FIP or much knowledge of it at the time, so, we trusted the vet's judgement. 
 It has been my only experience to date and I am very thankful for that.   I wish I had known more then and insisted on the Tissue test and also the probability of Chylothorax which I mention in more detail below. 
 The breeder did have  a few  cats from various other breeders obviously,  and the cats mingled in small groups on occasion,  so exposure was likely high, naturally FIP could not be ruled out.
 It was a very traumatising experience for myself and this breeder, but we looked at it as a learning experience so that this gorgeous animal did not die in vain. 
For me, when it comes to breeding, it is just common sense to seperate and provide each cat their own litter box, food/water bowl & bottle, toys, bedding, etc. as well as vapor steaming regularly, especially any common areas when cats are alternated out to roam. Raising with such strict husbandry leaves me with virtually no health issues.
FIP   is a complex, greatly misunderstood feline disease.  Many veterinarians will also use it as a scape goat when they aren't sure what exactly is wrong - as it is hard to diagnose and if some symptoms are typical of classical FIP, they will tell you that your cat has FIP and will likely die.  I am appalled at this - a veterinarian should never tell someone their cat has FIP without  tests that indicate it is a probability.
There is no 100% test to see if healthy cats can contract it,  or  to truly diagnose FIP.  
 Always get a second opinion !!
 Your vet may also tell you the cat may have gotten it from it's mother - that is false. There has been no proof of the mother passing it to her unborn kittens.  It is a possibility if the mother is a "shedder" in which case the kittens can be exposed via the mother's feces / saliva as the mother's antibody protection the kittens receive in her milk,  starts waning  after 4 weeks of age. 
  It has also been recently found that there can be some genetic predisposition ( subceptibility of FECV mutating into FIP ), certain bloodlines / bloodline combinations may be more subsceptible, but unless you have personal experience with FIP in certain lines, you do not know which lines to be careful of.  Especially when pedigrees have numerous bloodlines in them that are common to most catteries - though most concern when breeders choose for certain traits,  lies in the first 4 generations when considering a cat for a breeding program. 
  It is almost impossible for a breeder to know about these lines unless they have had personal experience with them or know someone who has.  When acquiring a cat, it is truly hard to find someone that is that honest that they would tell you if they have had FIP issues and the lines of the cats involved.  Especially when one breeder wants to purchase from another breeder - you have to hope they are honest.  Even then, it may be a first breeding with the pair of cats you want a kitten out of - so naturally the breeder will not have any experience with the bloodline combination yet.
 For preventive measures regarding FECV, careful breeders seperate pregnant queens / babies from other cats as well as well as seperating adults or keeping very small groups of FECV negative cats together.  Each litter has their own quarters and  litter box. Kittens should not be allowed around adult cats or allowed to share litter boxes with others.
 Breeders can also remove kittens from the mother 3-1/2 to 4 weeks of age which is when thier protection starts waning,  which seems to work well in preventing exposure to FECV if a mother is a shedder.
 But then you have kittens with emotional issues, developmental issues, etc. in many cases. Kittens weaned too early suck their tails, blankets, others, tend to be shy, withdrawn, don't adjust well, etc. It is not healthy for them and I personally allow weaning to occur naturally as I am a natural breeder.
 I have far hardier, emotionally secure and well adjusted kittens.
They stay with mom until 11 weeks of age. I have excellent results raising in this manner. I am also a very small breeder who seperates my cats with their own litter boxes, etc. so it would be very remote for me to have FECV / FIP issues here.  
 I've not had a sick cat yet and if I did, I would be the first to say so. You cannot be a good breeder and hide health issues, that is beyond my understanding and many breeders do hide issues they've had.  You have to find the cause and remedy it. That means discussing it with others as well as keeping in contact wtih Kitten  adopters to see if future issues pop up in the bloodlines you work with.  Most breeders don't care to hear from adopters ever again and usually never reply to mails or phone calls by previous adopters.  I think that is shameful.
  FIP ocurrs as a reaction to infection with the Feline Enteric Coronavirus ( FECV ) which is common in multicat households, especially catteries. Almost every cattery and multicat household will have a brush with FECV / FIP.  It is when the individual cat's FECV mutates does it become FIP. So, other cats don't essentially "catch" FIP, they will likely contract the FECV virus shed by the infected cat but not unless the FECV in the individual cat mutates, will it actually come down with FIP. It is also important to note an infected cat will only shed the virus in the early stages before actual symptoms ocurr, not when full blown with FIP.
  FECV is shed in feces as well as body fluids such as saliva, entering the host through the nose and mouth and will genarally infect cats sharing a litter box, cleaning each other, etc.  Outdoor cats seem to be free of the virus as there is no litter box or very close living quarters.
The virus can live in carpet for at least 7 weeks where it is protected .  If out in the environment of the home, room temperature can kill it in 48 hours.  Most cleaners will also kill Coronavirus.  A vapor steamer that heats to at least 240 degrees ( 280 ideally ) will kill virus/fungus, etc. in the environment and I suggest every pet owner, cattery, shelter, etc.  have one and use it on everything from bedding to cat trees, litter boxes, cages, grooming tools, blinds, walls floors, etc. They are clean, non-toxic as it is just vapor steam which dries quickly. No chemicals needed.
 Cats with long hair around the anal area may tend to have feces stick to them - so no matter how clean you are with the litter box, it can still be spread to another cat through body contact as cats generally sleep together, clean each other, etc. Trimming off the hair under the tail does help.
Most cats will in effect come down with fluelike symptoms, mild fever, etc.  when infected with  FECV, generally having GI upset. As long as it stays in the GI tract, it will not progress to FIP  - which is almost 100% fatal. 
 Cats infected with FECV who have recovered,  can contract it again.  It is important to note it seems to effect cats 6 months to 2 years of age  - primarily those around 10 months old as they have not had a chance to really build a good adult immune system yet.  Risk decrease is at  5 - 10 years of age while Risk again increases after 13 years of age.
 Immune defects predisposing cats to FIP include CMI ( Cell Mediated Immunity ), FELV and FIV.  FIP likely affects the young due to immaturity of CMI response.
 Kittens with  continual "low dose" or mild exposure to FECV appears to build resistance.  If a kitten has been completely away from sources of FECV in a very sterile environment, a sudden "high dose" or high exposure will likely end in them contracting FIP.
 So, though I am extremely cautious, my kittens are allowed to roam areas adults have roamed after 10 weeks of age - but not with the adults. I do a general cleaning before the kittens are allowed in the area.
There are 2 forms of FIP - "Wet" and "Dry"
"Wet"  showing signs of depression, lethargy, lack of appetite and weight loss, etc., will also show symptoms of fluid buildup where "Dry" will not.
 "Dry" will usually have symptoms of fever, jaundice, diarrhea, lack of appetite and weight loss, typically showing ocular or neurological signs.
 The most common sign is a distended abdomen indicating fluid buildup. Also keep in mind other things may cause distended abdomen such as gas, worms, etc. so rule them out first. 
 Some cats have fluid buildup in the chest as well. But, I would first rule out Chylothorax which also causes fluid buildup in the chest area. The fluid is a combination of Lymph and Lipids. Your vet may not be educated on this and likely assume your cat has FIP, again it is an easy scapegoat to use FIP as  diagnosis - and you are not educated enough to say otherwise.  Vets count on a pet owner's ignorance and our trust in their judgement. I tell everyone to get 2nd, 3rd and 4th opinions. You've no idea how many people have mailed me about their pet's health issues, had gone to 2 and 4 different veterinarians ( even Feline Specialty clinics ) and got a different diagnosis from each one.  Those who found a Holistic vet to work with were successful in pinpointing the problem and successfully treating. Veterinary error is more common than you think as they are not worried about being sued, after all, pet owners do not educate themselves as they don't have time and are not generally interested.  Your vet can pretty much tell you anything within reason, as you have no clue anyway, and you'll believe them, unless you educate yourself ! 
I encourage you to read the following page on Chylothorax by Linda March, Information Specialist, University of Illinois, College of Veterinary Medicine.
  There is no conventional way to treat and prevent FIP.   The only way to actually diagnose to an almost 100% degree, is by tissue biopsy which is also the cheapest.  Most veterinarians can get a good indication testing any fluids draw from the abdomen or chest areas but these tests are more expensive. Since the tissue biopsy is the the more accurate, and cheapest, I would prefer that form of diagnosis.
 Most cats in the later stages of FIP cannot survive being put under for tissue biopsy, it is best done post mortem.
 Based on all the information available, one cannot justify placing blame on any one breeder, owner, etc.  for FECV/FIP infection in a cat. It is just too common a virus that readily passes around among cats.  We have no way to screen subceptibility in healthy cats, no way to prevent a cat from getting it, etc.  The best we can all do is practice excellent animal husbandry and keep numbers down and those boxes as well as our cats spotless !
Those of you looking for kittens, acquire one  from breeders who seperate their cats with their own litter boxes, are very clean, etc.  You may be turned off by a breeder who has seperate quarters for their cats / alternates cats allowed out to roam,( naturally washing or vapor steaming floors, rugs, bedding, toys, etc. inbetween cats let out)  but they are actually the smarter, healthier catteries. They know the possibilities of health issues spreading in a multi cat environment and are taking necessary precautions to do their best and that is all they can do  to keep their cats as healthy as possible. It is to your benefit to adopt from such a health consciencious breeder.  A breeder that lets all their cats roam together, touting how they are never caged or seperated, have a wonderful family home life, etc. are more likely to have issues with FECV / FIP. They are likely uneducated on the seriousness of feline health issues.  Were they all outdoor cats, not sharing a litter box, there would not be the concern.  But, these are indoor cats for the most part - because we choose to keep them indoors, use litter boxes, etc. 
 My cats go outside on nice days in enclosures as they are part of nature and it is wrong to deprive them of that -  allowing them outdoors in the sun, shade, to see the birds, walk on the earth, etc. invigorates them and stimulates emotional and physical well being.  They are an animal - never forget that.
 Breeding is not like having a few cats for pets. This is a far different environment from a pet home and you really need to understand that. 
 Raising animals takes alot of self education, dedication, and is a huge expense, financially and emotionally.  A breeder can only do so much - it is up to you to educate yourself and find a good breeder you are comfortable with who is health conscious,  that you have a good feeling will be supportive should you have health issues with an adopted kitten.
 No one can give absolute health guarantees with a living being, we do not have that kind of control over nature and life, we can only do our best.  
There is some hope for an FIP cat
There is a vet in Pennsylvania that has cured cats of FIP holistically.
 Dr. Deva Khalsa
 1724 Yardley-Langhorne Rd, Yardley, PA 19067
Phone :  1- 215-493-6021
 Dr. Deva Khalsa  has reversed or arrested cases of FIP homeopathically, she may reveal to another vet what she used - If your vet phoned her.
 Homeopathy usually succeeds where conventional medicine fails.
 In a book called The Very Healthy Cat Book by Dr. W.O. Belfield, DVM, he says that in the very last stages- if there is no other hope- that he removes the spleen. He states that the spleen exacerbates the problem- and once it's removed that the pet recovers in more than 80 percent of the cases.
 Should you or your vet want to contact him for more information:
Bel Mar Veterinary Hospital
3091 Monterey Highway
San Jose, CA 95111
Phone :  1 - 408 - 227 - 8844
 Lastly, in a book called Green Leaves of Barley by noted author and nutritionist Dr. Mary Ruth Swope- she writes of a cat who was in the last stages of FIP. The cat could not stand. Her caregiver mixed up powdered Barley Green ( you can get it from a health food store ) according to directions and put a bowlful down in front of the cat who dragged himself over to it and drank the whole thing. She made up another batch and he drank that. She kept the bowl filled and he would go and drink as he wanted ( if your cat does not do this you may consider giving it via 3-cc oral syringe or very small squirt bottle throughout the day ). Within 48 hours the cat had fully recovered.
 There  are also issues regarding the use of antibiotics for FIP and advisories not to give cortisone because they only weaken the animal.
 Most Holistic veterinarians will support this.
 Excellent information on FECV / FIP:
FIP - Wikipedia definition with photos
Also visit another great article from the Winn Feline Foundation:
FECV/FIP Update, April 2007
Laboratory testing on a number of cat litter products proves to be quite hopeful in the activity against feline coronavirus.
Cat litter will not completely prevent microscopic transmission via particles on shoes, poop scoops, etc.  It is strongly advised to use seperate litter boxes, scoops, for each cat's quarters - or better yet, allow them to toilet naturally - outside. Though this is not always possible.
Below are the results of the cat litters tested - shown as the name of the litter, type and rating - use the key to determine the effectiveness :
***** Killed all the FCoV
**** Killed quite alot of FCoV
***and ** Killed some FCoV
* Didn't kill any FCoV
Ever Clean Less Track
Fuller's Earth
Litter Purrfect ( San Diego,
Imported by Costco UK )
Fuller's Earth
Tesco Value
Fuller's Earth
Cat Country USA
Compressed Wheat Grass
Fuller's Earth
Pets at Home
Wood Pellets
Softwood granules
Wood pellets
Litter Pearls
( Crystal Clear Pet Products )
Silica gel
Nutrina Nature
Chicken feed
Tesco Premium
Cat Country UK
Compressed wheat grass
Cat Country Europe
Compressed wheat grass
**  It is extremely important to note, while Fuller's Earth litters  are obviously the litter of choice here, it is a clay and clay poses potential health hazards.  As one of my Holistic vets, Dr. Gloria Dodd DVM, has pointed out......
" ..... clay in the kitty litter is affecting the health of the cats, making them more susceptible. Clay is pure aluminum, clumping clay is the worst because cats clean themselves frequently of this clumping clay on their feet, swollen the particles, then the hydrochloric acid from the stomach frees the aluminum in the clay to be a free agent, it gets into the circulatory system, and adds to the chronic heavy metal  toxicities that are in every animal and people today. Aluminum is a neurologic heavy metal toxin, and we know the nervous system innervates every organ in the body ( including the imune system organs). "
It is Adviseable to do routine hair strand testing - at least once yearly to check heavy metal levels in the body - even for yourselves as even  many foods are high in Aluminum alone, such as wheat products and foods packaged in aluminum / foils.
Aluminum and Mercury are quite commonly found in excessive levels in the body. 
You can order hair strand test kits online and send samples in from home - and it is quite affordable.  You may surprise your doctors and vets that you actually thought of this, as with thier help,  removing the heavy metal buildup can help clear numerous health issues.
Scroll down further on this page for Heavy Metal Poisoning and Hair Analysis sections.

Fleas / Ticks
  For some of you, these pests are a never ending problem.   All the sprays, collars, shampoos, spot on treatments, etc. really do not help much and you are also contributing to Liver Toxicity of your pet with chemicals/drugs, etc. - when the liver is overloaded adn too toxic, it cannot filter the toxins out of the blood anylonger ( which is it's primary job ) so the blood statys toxic affecting other organs. So, basically if the liver goes,  your pet will too. 
  Cats especially are prone to acquiring a very toxic liver as they do not have the detoxifying enzymes people and dogs do so when you use drugs, essential oils, or any chemicals, etc. on them, it just builds up faster in their bodies.  Don't ever use anything with essential oils on cats, there are so many products out there with these oils in them due to the manufacturers not being educated on what is toxic to what animals.  If is says essential oils, aromatic oils, natural oils for fragrance, etc, it usually means essential oils - don't use them on a cat.  Shampoos I would consider if it had an essential oil in it as long as you diluted it in some water before applying. It is a short term exposure to the essential oil in the shampoo and will be rinsed off.
If you use Essential Oils  in your home in a diffuser - keep the cats out of that room for a day until the air clears.
 Once the liver is toxic, health issues begin. 
  So, you inevitably create a vicious cycle leading to huge vet bills or death/having them your pet put down.
Remember, drug companies, vets, etc. are out to make profit,everyone wants to make a good living so they will happily prescribe anything to make a profit, after all - you are not educated on the damage drugs do to your pets or the human body and they count on your ignorance. They are giving you what you want, a "quick fix" or so you think it may be which will usually cause more problems, so you go back to spend more money on more drugs and flea/tick controls, vet bills, etc.  So, if you really look at it, you are paying them to damage your animals and returning to them for help to fix it - paying htem even more - you are just  lining their pockets.
Educate yourself, if you want to own a pet, get educated on health issues and virus, alternatives, alternative vets,  & what you can care for at home.
Get alot of good books and actually sit and read them ! Visit my Recommended Reading page.  Take a home study course on Homeopathy, Veterinary Homeopathy, Herbals, etc.  I have a Homeopathic & an Herbal school listed on the Veterinary page.  The more you know the more you save your pets and your wallet - the more you become empowered and self sufficient and the wiser you are to vets & drug companies and commercial food makers.
For Fleas and Ticks 
  Vacuum very well everywhere and dump outside immediately or get the vacuum bag out of the house immediately.
From now on - no one comes in the home with shoes - they can bring fleas into the home.  Restrict shoes to a "mud room" if you can.
Then use food grade Diatomaceous Earth.  It is made of fossilised shells ground to a powder and is used in alot of flours to kill pests.  What it does is the minutely sharp edges cut the insects armor and dry them out so they die. It is the safest, effective, natural, non-toxic  product to use with children and animals and the environment. Used in the feed on livestock farms, it drastically cuts down on flying insects, etc.
 Spread it around your yard everywhere to kill fleas, ticks, etc.  and work it into the rugs and upholstery in your home, anything with fabric like pet beds, throw rugs, stair runners, etc.  Good to wear a dust mask and work carefully with it so you don't make a dust cloud.  Apply it to your pets especially.
Re-apply everywhere every week until the problem clears, which should be within a few weeks if you have been thorough. Then you can just keep a small shaker canister to use with your pets and maybe 2X a year redo the yard and home, etc. if you live in an infested area.
I would buy in bulk for the first year as you'll need to use it everywhere the first few times and you can get it here at:
 Q-Based Healthcare
Ticks hate Cedar, use Cedar mulches along woods that border your property and for your garden beds, etc.
An excellent investment is also a Vapor Steamer.
I dont' mean  a hot carpet washer. A vapor stema heats to very high heat and emits a fine vapor mist that can infiltrate and kill in the most minute cracks. It does an amazing job cleaning ceramic tile work almost effortlessly.
 It will kills fleas and eggs instantly, which you may prefer for home use and get fast results. Use it 3 X the first week on everything from carpet to beddings, coats, upholstery, etc.  You can vapor steam everything without having to rip apart bedding and curtains, etc. Just go over them.  Just do not use it on electronics or anyting sensitive to moisture. This is one of the best multipurpose tools for the home as you not only can kill all the pests but also fungus, molds, virus, bacteria, you name it.  And you are sterilising in the process so it is great for baby rooms and toys, bedding, the bathroom, even your cars, pet toys, scratching posts, pet furniture like cat trees, etc.
Ideally, you want a vapor steamer that heats to at least 240 degrees - 280 is the best. And you want a good unit so read up on reviews for different models. Use distilled water in teh boiler - it will help your unit last a long time. Grocery stores carry distilled water and you can buy a home distiller online, etc. I have my own actually for drinking water. It removes all the heavy metals, chlorine, etc.
I have a larger flor model vapor steamer as well as a more compact, smaller version.
For more information on Vapor Steamers and to order, visit the following link. Please do a search for customer reviews on anything you bu - make sure it will serve your specific purpose.  Distilled water also heats much faster.
 I have and highly recommend the TR6 Vapor cleaning model by Vapor Clean Products - if still available as models change and improve over time. It has had many rave reviews against some of the more expensive and bigger models on the market. The following link will take you to their website - specifically the reviews page with photos people have sent in on it's ability to clean.
Vapor Clean Products
 You should also get the following book for safe, natural home and garden pest control. It is a great book and is a quick read with so much information in it. Quite a valuable little book which I believe I got at
Natural Insect Repellants 
By Janette Grainger &
Connie Moore
Breeders bathe their cats usually every 2-3 weeks. When showing a cat, it is bathed sometimes 2X a week or more as staining needs to be prevented for the show ring. Frequent bathing is a great deterrent to fleas. The cleaner the coat and animal, the better.
 I realize most people don't bather thier cats and they may have a hard time but it is good to clip yoru cat's claws and give it a try or take them to a groomer - a small, clean groomer.
If you buy a purebred from a breeder who shows, rest assured the kittens are already used to the bathing, etc.  Just Keep it up !
  The diet makes a huge difference when it comes to parasites in general.  I don't have fleas and I never had worms. I've never had to worm my kittens or cats and fecals are checked regularly, fresh as possible - always negative.
  In a natural, raw diet or even if you lightly braise the outside of meats to add flavor if your cat is a bit finicky,  there are no sugars, preservatives, it's not full of salt and artificial flavorings.  Commercial food fed animals are a magnet for parasites because of all that "garbage" radiating from the animal's skin pores.  The typical commercial foods lead to health issues themselves due to the sugars and preservatives and chemicals, etc. , weakening the immune system and body which attracts parasites of all kinds from worms to fleas.  They thrive in an unhealthy body - it is the ideal environment for them to set up camp. 
 A healthy body wards off parasites.

Grapefruit Seed Extract ( GSE )
  " Liquid Gold " as it is called by many who've experienced its incredible healing properties.  I am one of them and would never be without it.  My animals get  2 drops in their water, I add it to mine, I wash my vegetables with it, clean with it, etc.
 It also has quite a long shelf life - 6 years has been one finding without losing any potency.
This is a remarkable extract no one should be without.  It's uses include everything from killing  fungus, bacteria, molds, skin / sore problems - even those diabetic related, Parasites, Candida yeast infections, warts, E.Coli and Salmonella erradication, Sinusitis, sore throats, teeth / dental issues,  cleaning, etc. the list just goes on.
 It is safe, natural, biodegradeable, etc.
 Are you a skeptic, read a magazine that perhaps had a vet or doctor say they found no antimicrobial properties, or proof that it really worked ????  
View this list of Labs that actually tested GSE since 1974 and found it to be extremely effective - then send the page to any naysayers, matter of fact, send them the website.  They need an education.
 Conventional medicine will attack anything that will take away from their profit, why would you need their treatment if you can do it yourself at home ??
Visit the following website to learn a tremendous amount of information on GSE.  Learn about it's discovery in 1972 by Physicist Dr. Jacob Harich, wonderful Q & A section on GSE, testimonials, dosage outline, Farm, Garden, Human,  Livestock & Pet use, etc.

Heartworm - natural protocol by Dr. Martin Goldstein.
 Over a year and a half having my dog on the Black Walnut alone and he is clean so far.  For $10.- and being it is natural and chemical free - you bet I am smiling.  All animals are different and a raw diet for a hearty immune system plays a huge part so keep those things in mind. Diet is the biggest factor in your pet's immune system's ability to fight off intruders.  You cannot beat a raw diet.
**Never, Ever, give Black Walnut to a horse ! Do not even use the shavings of Black Walnut for bedding !  It is extremely toxic to them !
  And of course a must read by Dr. Gloria Dodd on Heartworm and to acquire Heartworm nosodes you can again visit:
Everglo-Natural Veterinary Services

Heavy Metal Poisoning
Our entire food and water chain poses a very real and unknown threat of chronic heavy metal poisoning to us and our pets, livestock, herbs, vegetables,  etc.  It is due mostly to pollution by industry of all types, vaccines that carry them and other sources.
  Almost every sick person or animal has a higher than normal level of one or more heavy metals in their body.  Aluminum seems to be the biggest culprit causing different types of cysts like Ovarian Cysts, dry, scurfy skin and hair dullness/graying, etc.  It is found in exceedingly high levels in any aluminum canned goods such as pet foods, and soft drinks.  It is also very high in dry pet foods, grains, etc.  Mercury is also in very high levels in our fish and rainfall which pollutes everything.
  These heavy metals are extremely detrimental to the body of any and every living thing.  Please read this article - there are many prominent brand names mentioned for their high levels of heavy metals that you should be aware of.  If you need proof - have a hair analysis done on yourself or your pets and children. 

Inflammatory Bowel Disease ( IBD )
  Inflammatory Bowel Disease is very serious and seems to be very prevalent these days in cats and dogs.  It is also known as IBS, etc. and affects humans as well as animals.  There is no real understanding of what causes it and the only true diagnosis is by biopsy.  Many truly believe it is diet related and I have to agree as I had a cat with it years ago. I switched the cat to a raw, supplemented diet as well as cleaning the body homeopathically of all known toxins that accumulated from vaccines, drugs, antibiotics, etc. that the cat was given by it's breeder. Within a few months, no more IBD. 
 This article/summary on IBD will give you information you may not find anywhere else.  It will make you think about the foods you feed and the vaccines, drugs, etc. that contribute to the problem.  This article is another well written piece by Dr. Gloria Dodd, DVM and may help you understand IBD:
 Also, visit the website listed  under Grapefruit Seed Extract above as GSE has also been used to successfully erradicate IBD.

Natural Animal Healthcare
For many articles on nutrition, natural rearing, health problems, holistic healthcare, herbs, vaccination, and more - visit this  informative site:
Woodland Natural Remedies
  Here is a wonderful site also.  You will find homeopathy & herbs for people, pets, and livestock.
( Horses, Llamas, Alpacas, Rabbits, Sheep, Goats Dogs, Cats )  They also carry books.

" We need not fear any disease, for within the disease is the seed of its own cure"
Dr. Wilhelm Lux
Nosodes ( natural vaccination )
   Please note: Nosodes cannot be legally referred to as vaccines or legally sold as such.
 For a vaccine required by law such as Rabies in many states, a Nosode cannot legally be substituted.
 To legally claim they can be used as a vaccine, they have to be liscenced. Unfortunately it is far too expensive for anyone who formulates nosodes to persue this. 
 They are safe and effective - far superior to conventional vaccines but are not mainstream - why ??  Because you cannot patent nature.
 If a drug company cannot formulate something using a chemical, etc. so they can call it their own formulation and patent it, therefore reaping in huge profits off of it, it is not feasable for them.
 Nosodes cannot be proven by Science because they work on an energy level. Since they contain no biologics, it is almost impossible for Science to actually prove  them. 
Not everything in life can be proven by Science, there are many things in existance that we are just not capable of explaining - until we gain the knowledge to do so.
 It appears that the earliest experiments with Nosodes were carried out by Constantine Hering ( 1800 - 1880 ) while in South America between 1827 & 1833.  He was actually the one who coined the term " Nosode " which is from the Greek word " Nosos " meaning disease.
  He was quite a remarkable individual and was the one to accidentally prove the remedy Lachesis for Rabies.
  For a Biography on Hering:
  Dr. Wilhelm Lux of Germany ( 1773 - 1849 ) further advanced "Isopathy" as it was also known soon after Hering.  He  treated Anthrax, Blackleg and many other diseased livestock by making a liquid nosode of the animal's own infective fluids in the 30th potency and " vaccinating " them with it. 
For a biography on Lux :
   As you can plainly see, these natural means of protection and homeopathy have existed many, many years but because they are natural, you cannot patent them and make money off of them - hence Western medicines which are unnatural and harmful.  They make people very wealthy and do so much harm. 
  Another reason Nosodes are not accepted or can be legally used by veterinarians as "vaccination"  in modern medicine is that they do not produce specific measurable antibodies or " Titers " as they are called.  They contain no biologics and cannot be "dissected" by science.  They are a unique "medicine" as they work on an energy level and  stimulate the body to heal itself.  And to be frank - I find them to be far superior to conventional vaccines and drugs - far superior  in both efficacy and safety !!
    To learn exactly what Nosodes are go to:
  For a more in-depth article over the controversy of Nosodes and Homeopathy which is quite informative, especially in the history:
You may find some controversy concerning the use of Nosodes for help in preventing diseases and the likes.  I find those who study " Classical Homeopathy" are against using them because they see it using homeopathy in an allopathic manner - meaning using something to prevent disease " just in case " instead of  using remedies to treat the symptoms if they ever  arise.  They do not believe in prevention for something that has not yet been contracted.  The simple philosophy is, if they ever do contract an illness, virus, disease, etc. - then you treat.
  Nosodes are a short-cut to reperatorizing.  One does not really learn about homeopathy and utilizing symptoms to "cure" via remedies.  Classical homeopaths frown upon this as it is removes much of the learning process and is looked at as a Homeopathic " quick fix ".    Other people who don't agree with using them also say why "vaccinate" against something  if you can treat the symptoms if they ever become exposed?  ( They know how to reperatorize mind you and have alot of study behind them - Nosodes are a great alternative for those who know nothing aobut homeopathy, nevermind trying to tackle disease with it !).
 I agree with the arguments, they make perfect sense.  You might as well stay with your allopathic medicines and ways if you do not care to use homeopathy in it's Classical manner.
  But, on the other hand, Nosodes are very safe and natural - at least the ones having proper and adequate provings done.  They are so diluted to the point there is no disease or virus matter in them at all ( just the energy vibrations of the diseases are left behind ).  They are a good choice for someone wanting to change to a safer and better means of prevention who do not know much if anything about using remedies to treat symptoms or Homeopathy in general.  They learn that over time and eventually if they want to go with just using remedies - they are educated enough about symptoms and the likes to do so.  People start studying on their own, at their own pace and eventually learn - at least they are taking the first step towards natural means which  is most important.
  It is easier to treat oneself with a remedy being a novice than an animal.  Animals cannot talk in English so we cannot know all the symptoms they are experiencing which could lead to frustration for someone new to homeopathy and trying to find the right remedy for the symptoms we only see that are obvious.  Many people are just not sensitive enough to look deeper.  Not everyone has the sensitivities of an animal communicator or a Homeopath.
 I am all for using Nosodes to prevent threatening disease and virus because I know exactly what they are and many people are under the wrong impression about them.  I may end up not even using them myself in the future because I will have a stronger knowledge of Homeopathy.  For now, they are a good start for novices wanting to go natural until they know more.  Why keep using chemical vaccines/drugs while you are learning if there is an alternative?
  We all have our own ideas and opinions and we all have a right to them - that does not mean we should be closed or narrow minded.  You should keep open to everything and learn, everything has something to teach us.  We do not have to agree with others but we must realize what things in life have to teach us.
Do not brush something off just because you "think" it is wrong or becasue it is not mainstream and therefore must be a fallacy- take the time to understand it first and look at the positive side of it.  Look at all the pros and cons and nevermind how "we think" something should be used or if it should be used - what matters is that it works.  Especially when taking into consideration that Nosodes are  natural compared to our chemical/heavy metal filled vaccines and drugs of today.  That alone should be what matters most - finding a natural means for treatment & health is the bottom line in my book.
   I have spoken to Dr. Gloria  Dodd concerning Nosodes and the misconceptions I had heard from a few breeders and others who go on hearsay.  She formulates her own Nosodes and has the experience. 
  Many people not familiar with them seem to think they are like giving a " live vaccine" or a risky treatment where actual diseased matter, etc. is introduced into the body and could possibly lend to contracting the disease, etc.
 This is not so.
  This can and does happen with traditional vaccines - my dog is a good example.  He contracted Parvo twice - each time after being vaccinated for it.  I switched to Nosodes and he has not been ill once.  I have known many people with cats vaccinated against Feline Leukemia and their cats came down with the symptoms and some developed tumors at the injection site to boot. 
  There is no live or dead bacteria/virus in Nosodes.  Yes, they are made from these materials but the dilution in making Nosodes is so high ( above Avagadro's number ) that there is no substance at all left behind.  All that is left is the energy vibration of the disease/virus, etc.   
  When it enters the body it serves to "seek out" it's similar within the tissues or protect against the similar if the body is exposed.  The offending disease/virus, etc. will recognize it's "mirror image" from the Nosode and be pulled out and expelled from the body.  This "mirror image" actually will produce a "flat - line" ( No infection state ) in the body.  Nosodes also stimulate the immune system to be strong to resist all other infectious agents even if they are not specifically included in a givenNosode.         
  That is how homeopathy works - unlike drugs.  There is nothing that can compare to them in safety for natural "vaccination / protection" and treatment.  They also serve to detoxify from previously given chemical vaccines.
  Nosodes can be used immediately after birth ( literally ) for vaccination as there is no maternal antibody interference as with vaccines.   They provide protection to newborns right from the beginning which cannot be done with modern vaccination.
  For those of you looking for a natural means of protection ( vaccination ),  I highly recommend this website for everyone.  Read through it, scroll down to the bottom of the homepage and find "Research Articles" and read them !!  Read everything here - it is a marvelous and extremely helpful site.
  It is Everglo-Natural Veterinary Services, Inc. founded in 1985 and owned by Gloria Dodd DVM.  She has been a practicing veterinarian for over 40 years - since 1960.  Her first 15 years were practicing traditional Western medicine ( modern) and then she switched to homeopathic/energy medicine due to the greater healing she observed on all levels. 
 This woman fought for the right for veterinarians to use Homeoapthy in their practices in CA - facing thousand's of dollars in fines and loss of liscense - more than once.  She won - and as California practices adopted Homeopathy, so did the rest of the nation.
  She had retired for 10 years and came out of retirement because of the her desire to educate the public and because she was so infuriated with conventional medicine, pet food and their "poisons". 
She is available on a limited basis for consultations and keeps an active website.   I will not attempt to list this woman's credentials - I do not think you can find a better vet in my opinion.  To view a picture of her along with a short Bio you can go to : 
  She has been using homeopathy since 1977 ( reformed Western Medicine veterinarian :-) and I find her to be a most dedicated, highly intelligent and outstanding practitioner.  She just comes across as a most observant and detailed natural veterinarian who puts very deep study and thought into her work taking everything even further than most could conceive.    She formulates/ supplies homeopathic nosodes, books, and other healing modalities. 
 You can obtain almost all of your nosodes for protection & treatment from her and she can also custom make nosodes if needed. 
   The following is Dr. Gloria Dodd's explanation to me of natural Nosode Detox Vaccines in basic terms:
  "About homeopathy, I find using nosodes, that the body takes what it needs and   ignores the rest. When exposed, there is an energy imprint of any  infection by bacteria, virus, fungi, parasites, cancer types  or chemical, heavy metals,  and drugs that is registered in the EMF ( electromagnetic field) of all living creatures. When giving a combination nosode to detox, the "imprint" recognizes its mirror image (that is what a nosode is), and this is then extracted from the tissues and expelled from the body. Other components of the multiple nosode or other single nosodes that do not have the imprint energy is ignored by the body. That is the simplest way I can explain how nosodes heal."
  She has the Nosode Detox Vaccines for cats, dogs, horses, birds, reptiles, etc.   She has West Nile Detox Vaccine Nosodes for all of us and our animals to "protect" from it - naturally and safely. 
  The Horse Detox Vaccine  Nosode includes EIA ( what we do a Coggins Test for in horses)
 She had an incredible protection rate on a large quarter horse ranch in Texas ( 565 horses ) during an outbreak of EIA  at surrounding ranches - not one of the horses treated with the nosode was infected!  Everyone knows there is no treatment/prevention or cure in modern medicine for EIA - the Nosode works and is included in the typical horse vaccine Nosode which I have been using on my horse, pony and donkey for the past 4 years. 
  First step to switching to Nosodes as yearly protection - E-Mail Dr. Dodd and discuss it with her and she will give you the lowdown on what is involved. 
  For a short review -  you must go through the detoxification program first. ( Include yourself ) This will remove all chemicals, drugs, heavy metals , etc. accumulated in the body from foods and vaccines, environmental exposure, etc. They are a major contributor to the diseased state of the body for both man and animal - especially aluminum.   You will start with a much cleaner  body.  It is essential to do this and requires some effort and a few dollars more but once you get to the yearly booster stage by the following year - it averages out to literally a couple dollars  per animal every year thereafter ( yearly booster - one bottle will booster 15 animals at an average of about $2.- each  ) - can't beat that !  
  Try to get everyone on a healthier, fresher diet also - it pays very big as far as health
  I recommend Dr. Dodd's Nosodes above others because in making her nosodes, she adds German Lymph drainers and Organ remedies for the effectiveness of action in each specific organ/condition targeted.  Like I said before - she takes things even further than most to make sure her products are truly effective.
  DR. Dodd is also available for private consultations for specific problems.  Her website speaks for itself - just wonderful.  Might be a bit hard for those of you not attuned to "natural health" but the more you learn, the more you understand and the more your eyes open.
  You have a top notch homeopathic veterinarian who has trained overseas with some of the greatest homeopaths in other countries ( who takes a limited number of consultations) and access to remedies and literature all in one right here:
Everglo-Natural Veterinary Services, Inc.
Another "allopathic turned homeopathic " veterinarian I recommend who also does phone consultations :
Dr. Charles Loops DVM
Also visit:
Shirley's Wellness Cafe
  For more information on Nosodes and go through the rest of the site ( it will take you a year ).  This is the best site for a variety of information on homeopathic/natural care for people and animals.  You will absolutely love it.

( Giardia, Coccidia, Tapeworm, etc. )
   Worming medication is just as overused /abused as vaccines these days. I have never wormed my cats - yes I hear your GASPS and likely any conventional vet that reads this is gasping also - and I am laughing at you for your ignorances.  I haven't wormed my horses the past 5 years either - I just have fecals checked.  It is ridiculous and extremely toxifying to the liver and other organs to repeatedly worm with chemical wormers - especially if you havent' even checked fecals to be sure you even have a problem in the first place !  Chemical worming  ultimately results in health issues - which are worse than the parasites since every living body - including humans - have any number of parasites we live in harmony with. It is only when there is an overload that it can become a problem.  You should have fecals checked and only treat for any parasite if the animal has them. And only treat for that  parasite.
  Regarding my Kittens, I have fecals checked every litter - always negative.  Adults are checked here and there - always negative.  I give distilled water for drinking and use it in making food to greatly reduce the risk of Giardia which is a waterborne parasite.  My cats also go outside on nice days so they do have exposure - they are animals and it is wrong to deprive them of who they are. They need to get outside in well built enclosures at the very least. It keeps them hardier and happy which in turn keeps them in good emotional health which in turn greatly affects physical health. If your cat does not like the outdoors, they will after a few weeks. They have to get used to what they have been deprived of for so long.
 I have never had a kitten with diarrhea either - usually also a sign of parasites.  Many times diarrhea  happens when graduating to solid foods as they are generally completely pulled from their mothers very early and put on solid foods - quitting nursing cold turkey.   A practice I do not care for and neither do Holistic vets.  I leave my babies with their mother until 11 weeks to wean naturally, starting at 3-1/2 weeks they are eating raw meats with my homemade formula while still nursing off mom. They generally stop nursing on their own by 9 - 10 weeks as they prefer meats.   They adjust to real food incredibly well. Meats are what their body is designed for so they obvioulsy will adjust well- it is common sense to feed them what they are designed for by nature, not what is convenient for us.
  At any rate, to prevent and eliminate Giardia, Coccidia, Flea and Rodent Tapeworm, Entamoeba, Canine Whipworm, Hookworms, Roundworms all together ( both dogs and cats ), you can use deworming Nosodes offered at :
 Everglo-Natural Veterinary Services, Inc. 
  Go to " Products " ( left side of homepage )
and then click on " Deworming ".
 ** Just remember when using nosodes it is important to go through the Detoxification first to remove heavy metals, herbicides and chemicals accumulated in the body.  Alot of ailments clear up just from doing this alone and your Nosodes work efficiently.  This is not cheap and will take a little effort on your part.
And it is interesting to note - Aerobic 07 liquid oral oxygen ( which I use in my distilled water) mixed in water has been  shown to kill the common waterborn Giardia Lambia parasite within 2-1/2 minutes.
One of the hardest parasites to treat conventionally and yet 2 simple, natural products can kill it - GSE and Aerobic 07.
 Amazing what you learn when you educate yourself now isn't it ??
For more information on Aerobic 07 -  and to purchase it , visit another page of Dr. Dodd's site here:
Aerobic 07 is also available a
t The Vitamin Shoppe :

Pet Transportation / Shipping
   Transportation / Shipping of animals can be very stressful and sometimes traumatic for all involved, especially the animals.  It can cause enough stress on the animal to induce great fear, diarrhea, urinating, nausea, vomiting, etc.
 Most people have no idea what is involved with shipping a pet, how to book a flight for a pet, what kind of Pet Carrier and supplies are  required, paperwork involved for shipping within the USA or Overseas.   If you are buying a pet from a breeder, they take care of most everything, you will just need to pick up your pet at the airport.
 Typically, any and all fees related to the shipping of an animal is responsibility of the buyer.
 Maybe a person would like to purchase a Purebred from a great distance away and they don't drive or have fear of driving in congested roadways, cities, airports,etc.  Not everyone can tolerate busy environments or if shipping,  handling paperwork that is confusing to them. They may want a certain purebred from a certain breeder and are faced with these issues in order to obtain the purebred they so desire.
  This is where Pet Transportation Services comes in - it is a relief and wonderful convenience for those who experience the above and would gladly welcome Insured professionals to handle everything for them.
  They will go over the whole process with you, they will take care of just about everything to alleviate your worries. You don't even have to leave your home as they offer door to door service. They can pick up and drop off for shippping or they can pick up an animal you had shipped in, take care of any necessary paperwork,  and bring it right to your door.  They can make it a very easy experience for you.
 There is no reason you cannot get the animal you dreamed of. 
I do suggest you visit the Better Business Bureau online or call them to check on the history of any business you deal with.  If there have been complaints, the Better Business Bureau will have it listed. It is not a surefire way to determine a good business, it is likely most complaints don't get called in for help in resolving an issue. It will at least give you a heads up if there are any recorded complaints.
Visit the following link to locate a Pet Transportation Service near you. Many have affiliates in other states so give the closest ones a call and ask:
Pets On The Go
DryFur Pet Carrier Inserts
For bedding used in a carrier or crate, whether just at home, for  going to Cat shows, short trips to the vets, groomers, shipping, etc. I highly suggest Dryfur Pet Carrier Inserts. They come in a variety of sizes to fit all carriers and crates.
These are wonderful and I would never ship or travel without them. They are also very affordable.
** Some airlines will only let you use shredded newspaper now, call and double check ahead of time for the type of bedding you are allowed in the carrier.
The Dryfur padding is identical to a sanitary napkin. It is not beautiful, very plain and practical for it's use - it's beauty is in its performance. 
 It quickly soaks up any and all urine, water, etc. immediately to keep any wetness from your pet - if you travel for shows, that can be a lifesaver.
They are a real blessing for those of us who may have a nervous pet who always wets when transported. It keeps shipped pets and purchased animals enroute to their new home / destinations, dry and comfortable so they make a nice, clean presentation to their new owner. A presentation that shows they were well cared for.
 ( Sorry - a bout of diarrhea will still be a little messy ! )
The pad is easily removed and disposed of.  It won't leak or feel wet at all - truly a great product every pet owner should have on hand.  You may even find other uses for them.
To learn more and purchase :
DryFur Pet Carrier Inserts
Cat Buyer's Guide
 A fantastic website for anyone Breeding, owning or wanting to purchase a purebred, pedigreed cat.
Learn the issues of buying, selling, pricing, health problems, care, etc.
 There is also a forum for members to discuss numerous interests or concerns. Many members are veterinarians, breeders and pet owners.
There are many articles of specific interest you will find helpful such as: " Why Pedigreed, Pet Kittens cost so much" - a great, eye opening article for those of you who think good breeders make money - I think you will be quite amazed at what is done and just how expensive it is to raise cats. And we pretty much give up any dreams of a vacation, this is a 24/7 commitment.
Cat Buyer's Guide

Polycystic  Kidney  Disease  ( PKD )
  Polycystic Kidney Disease is an inherited disease primarily in Persian cats.  It has been documented since 1967, causing cysts that enlarge the kidneys which eventually leads to kidney failure and death.  Rate of deterioration depends on the animal, some die very young and others may live many years though quality of life is diminished.  Usually it is not the PKD that the cats die of as many live long lives.  They usually die of renal failure or cysts caused by the PKD in other organs like the liver.
  You should learn about PKD if you have an interest in Persians.  Most catteries now scan their breeding cats for the disease and use only cats that test negative.  It is basically an ultrasound which can range in price from $35.- to $200.- depending on where you go.  Price doesn't dictate competence - make sure they are certified.  I know of a low priced vet who is very good at scans and some breeders I know use this vet. 
  A major factor in accuracy of a PKD scan that many are not aware of is the requirements for a good scan.  It should be done at the very least 7. 5 mhz with 256 shades of gray for accuracy.  Less than these requirements could give you a false diagnosis.  If possible have 2 scans done at different facilities.
 And, also keep in mind that the PKD scan is not a guarantee - it only states that PKD was not "detected" at the time of the scan.  To me it is almost a waste of money if they won't guarantee a scan to be negative. Your cat may have tiny cysts not seen in a scan when done and it may be the only time you scan them.  So, you assume, since the scan didn't detect any cysts at that time - that your cat is 100% negative.  It is just something I cannot see guaranteeing to anyone.
  Very rarely will a cat that has PKD be used unless it is extremely valuable, of course some knowledge in genetics and picking the right male/female to breed this animal with is very important to lessen the chances of all the offspring inheriting the disease. 
  One thing to keep in mind is that a cat may scan negative but that does not mean they're clear for life - they can still develop it someday - the possibility will always be there and you'll never know unless you scan annually which can be costly.  Some cycts are so small it takes a while of growth before they can be detected - up to 2 years or more so I truly feel you cannot guarantee an animal 100% PKD free because of this - unless you have a DNA test done.   Adopting a cat from a breeder who has current negative PKD scans of the parents is best.  Some are very familiar with their lines and inherited traits and do not scan more than once if they have no issues with it.  Most cats are retired from a breeding program at 5 years of age or so anyway.  
 For a good article and actual photographs of feline kidneys with PKD visit this link to the article on CFA's website:
  An excellent source of information and experience by this cattery can be found here at Le Bordo persians.  It is probably the best documented I have found from a cattery:
DNA testing for PKD Now Available
   It is finally  available.   I have also spoken to a few Persian breeders in Germany and they have already been using the DNA testing for PKD for a little while now.
   Anyone anywhere can order the kit for $40.- and test your cats for PKD via a cheek swab right at home for 100% accuracy.  It takes about 2 weeks once they get the results to then notify you. Although, I have gotten my result within 7-10 days.   This test can also be used on newborns.
 Use the following contact for information for DNA testing for PKD
University of California, Davis
Veterinary Genetics Laboratory
School of Veterinary Medicine
 Phone :   ( 530 ) 752 - 2211
 FAX :   (530) 752 - 3556
 Contact - Diane Anderson at UC Davis directly
Phone #   530 - 752 - 7403
Early 2007...................
 UC Davis of CA. Veterinary Genetics Laboratory now offers interactive submission forms with instructions and pricing on their website at
 I've used the website to enter my information and print out the forms to send in with samples for blood type testing and a PKD test and it is easy and open to anyone who wants to do testing from home. 

Ringworm Fungus,
Virus, Mites, Mold, etc.
Some facts on Ringworm
  Often misconcieved as a type of worm parasite, Ringworm is a plant fungus.  It is prevalent in the environment  and cannot be erradicated.  If you or your animals are outdoors - you are exposed to and will have spores fall on you.  It is unavoidable. 
  If you or your animals have a weakened immune system from illness, food, vaccines, drugs, the possibility of breaking with ringworm is guaranteed if the spores are present and conditions are favorable.   If healthy, the spores will be easily sloughed off by the body without incident.  It is that simple.   Interestingly enough, after reading Don Hamilton, DVM's book - Homeopathic Care for Cats and Dogs
( Small Doses for Small Animals ).  
  He has come to the conclusion many cases of Ringworm, especially in catteries where cats often develop systemic Ringworm infections, may be vaccine related because he has had numerous positive turnarounds treating Ringworm with Homeopathic Thuja 30C using 1 dose a week for 3 weeks.   Thuja is a remedy specifically for treating vaccinosis ( vaccine induced side effects ) so he has theorized with his experiences,  many of the Ringworm cases are related to vaccine stress.   Which is quite logical as many other health issues are directly related to vaccine stress also.
  There are 35 strains of Ringworm fungus and the spores can persist in the environment for 13 months to 2 years which is why it is hard to erradicate from a home or cattery/kennel, etc.  Only one ( Microsporum Canis ) will flouresce under a Woods Lamp and it will be a bright green color.  The other strains will not flouresce so the Woods Lamp is only positive 50% of the time.  You have to have samples taken of questionable areas and cultured to see if they grow the fungus.
   Ringworm fungus is normally a self-limiting infection.  Meaning, if your cat ( or other pet or you )  has it - it will eventually get rid of the infection on its own even without treatment ( If they have a normal immune system ).
  So why do we treat it ???  Because it is very contagious.  In an environment where everyone has a low immune system - it can be a nightmare.  They will more than likely get through it in their own time but it is uncomfortable and unsightly and you cannot place infected animals in homes.  This usually is true of catteries, kennels, shelters, etc.  Any overcrowding, unsanitary conditions, stress, poor food, overmedicating, overvaccinating,  etc. all contribute to providing the perfect environment for ringworm and other health issues.  
  Many people  ( breeders especially ) have such a fear of Ringworm and have many issues with it.  It is a horrible mess to clean up if all the animals have it.  Keep in mind - all the chemical cleaners, commercial foods, drugs, vaccines, weaken the  EMF  of the body and immune system and promote Ringworm breakouts if the spores are present. 
  By using natural medicines and fresh foods and plenty of exposure to sunlight,  you can pretty much eliminate the worries of ringworm taking hold of the body.  These things contribute to a healthy immune system in any animal/person and is the best prevention. 
  There is no need for Ringworm phobia - it is part of life - keep the immune system healthy and things will be just fine.  Just because a spore is present on the body - does not mean you have actual ringworm.  It is a spore - they float in the air and land everywhere.  You will only break if the immune sytem of you/your animal's body is weakened.
  As far as a breeder who has continual issues with it, clean it up -  take a year or two  off - reduce numbers and keep the most valuable, change your animals to a natural diet which will not be easy ( may take a while for some - with cats,  starting with kittens is ideal as you retire your adults ), change over to natural medicines.  Educate yourself and you will be amazed at how well this protocol works ;-).  The learning is hard but such a feeling of empowerment once you understand and see the results. 
  I had spoken with Dr. Gloria Dodd DVM concerning Ringworm as I get alot of questions in regards to it - people looking for a quick fix which is not possible.  The best and quickest fix is PREVENTION.  I had asked her to do an article on it for her website so that will be done in the near future and I will have a link for you to it when it is done. Here is some of her reply to me concerning Ringworm fungus:
" Ringworm spores and mold are always around.
Ringworm is an external fungus parasite, it, like internal parasites
(tapeworms,Giardia, roundworms, whips, hooks, heartworm etc.) as well as  other external parasites such as fleas, ticks, Demodex mange, Sarcoptic and Chorioptic Mange mites take over a weakend EMF ( electromagnetic force field energy or "Chi" of the body),  which is essential for the
health of the immune system of the animal and person. I also consider
Cancer cells a parasite, for the body does not recognize these as "not
self" and therefore does nothing about it nor can it's weakened immune system prevent it. Cancer cells live off the host.
I have the German Kuff Nosode Series for all species of Ringworm in
animals and people, but that is only 25% of the treatment. You have to
Detox and Support the body from the insults of past toxic chemicals and vaccines, heavy metal contaminants of food fed, drugs, and particularly toxic pesticide drugs given.  This means identifying what these are and administering sequential detoxification going back in time with the exposures to that patient. Then change the DIET. All of this takes  a phone consultation to get accurate  history of the  animal. Another 50% of the job is PREVENTION which means detoxing the home made organic ( when possible)diet and water consumed by pet, never using drug vaccinations in the future but use of our vaccine nosodes, strengthening the EMF ............... "
  If you have Ringworm issues, you can contact DR. Dodd at :
Everglo-Natural Veterinary Services
 For tons of informational links and photographs of ringworm fungus, etc.  go to  :
  Ringworm and Grapefruit Seed Extract
  You may also  want to try  using Grapefruit Seed extract to kill Ringworm spores in the environment and on the body.  I do suggest adding 1 drop in the animal's water also ( whisk it in to disperse well ) It is supposed to be very effective and is probably one of the simplest forms of natural treatment for Ringworm.   I use it  in a spray bottle for cleaning, to wash my floors and countertops, and to wash my rugs and my animals laundry, etc.  You do not have to rinse it off either as it is biodegradable and non-toxic, completely safe.
  It has been tested and validated by the FDA, USDA and numerous physicians alike.
 It is effective against animal viruses like Foot and Mouth disease, Avian Influenza, Swine Vesicular disease & African Swine Fever.  It has a very powerful and broad spectrum of parasite and germ killing abilities in humans and animals, internally as well as externally. 
   I use about 4 drops to every 2 oz's of water for a strong dilution.  Go to this website for a ton of information on using GSE ( dosage use will be a ? in parenthesis as there is really no set # of drops to use - it is pretty effective in minute doses )
There is a ton of information at this website :
Pure Liquid Gold
Plain old fresh lemon juice works very well also in killing Ringworm spores.  Just dab it on the lesions, add it to rinse water, etc.
A protocol for Ringworm treatment by Dr. Richard H. Pitcairn D.V.M, PH.D. and Susan Hubble Pitcairn can be found in their book :
" Dr. Pitcairn's Complete Guide To Natural Health For Dogs & Cats "
Which can be bought at Amazon's website:
 I highly recommend this book to all breeders and dog/cat owners.  It outlines homeopathic treatments for many ills such as Pyometra, Lyme Disease, Skin Diseases, FIP, Kidney problems, Diabetes, URI's, Mange, Feline Leukemia, Earmites, Diarrhea, Pregnancy, Liver problems, etc.  It is the best book to have on hand for your animals.  Treatments work best if you incorporate a species appropriate diet.  Get all your homeopathic remedies to use with the book at Washington Homeopathic Products ( the link is a bit further down ).
 You may also want to use the following shampoo formulation which can be found in Michelle Bernard's book :
" Raising Cats Naturally "
 found on my  Recommended Reading  page.
2 teaspoons bleach ( I would try substituting with about 30 drops of grapefruit seed extract to avoid using chemical )
3 drops tea tree (  essential oils are toxic to cats though this is   external and will be washed off  - I'd just use the grapefruit seed extract )
3 drops iodine
10 drops liquid goldenseal herbal extract
10 drops liquid Pau d' Arco extract
  Add to 8 ounces of liquid castile soap and add 2 ounces of filtered or spring water to that - all in a squirt bottle.
 Wash the animal, ( put 2 drops of mineral oil in the eyes for protection from the soap first ) be careful with the face. Let them sit in a carrier for few minutes to allow it to work a bit more. 
 Fill a gallon jug with water - add two ounces of Potassium Sulphate ( Sulphurated Potash or Liver of Sulphur)  and use this to rinse the animal.  Water gardeners use this for fungus control.
  Then do a final water rinse for a few minutes.
    I would do this bath every few days to help kill the fungus instead of using a conventional medicine - they destroy the kidneys and can toxify your pets liver. Cats do not have the detoxifying ability that dogs and humans do so they are far more sensitive to chemicals, drugs, etc..
  Make sure to get Michelle Bernard's book ( preferrably for diet )&  Pitcairn's book ( for homeopathic treatments ) - the diet is very important.   As well as Anitra Frazier's " The New Natural Cat".  You should have these books anyway if you choose natural pet health care - they  will save you alot of frustration !   
My personal recommendation  for any Fungus, Bacteria, Microorganisms, Allergens, Mold, Mites, Virus erradication, etc. :
 For cleaning & sterilising get a Vapor Steamer
   They are truly unbeaten in killing the above mentioned in your home and environment - completely naturally and safely. What is even more enticing about them is the fact that you can do your linens such as curtains and beds without having to rip apart everything and wash them on a continual basis as with Ringworm fungus infestation.  Just use your vapor steamer over your pillows, comforters, mattresses, tablecloths, clothing ( hang your clothes and go over them with the steamer - even removes wrinkles while killing any fungus, etc. ) upholstery, etc. and save yourself a ton of time and frustration.  No dismanteling things, no soaps, chemicals, etc. needed.   And do the inside of  your vehicles also !
  Vapor steamers can penetrate the most minute, inaccessible areas and kill - ideal for cage cleaning, grooming tools - especially kennels, catteries, pet stores and rescues, etc.  It is the safest and most natural way to kill these organisms with almost 100% efficacy.
 It also happens to be the best way to clean grout between tiles that have blackened, clay flower pots, yard furniture, basements, concrete,  sanitise bathrooms,  etc. 
 Please do be careful not to use it on items heat and moisture sensitive such as electronics, or unsealed wood floors and trim, etc. The steam is not a sopping wet steam - just an extremely hot vapor that will dry quickly.
 It is extremely effective and so much safer for you, your home and your pets !!!
 For more information on Vapor Steamers and to order, visit the following link. Please do a search for customer reviews on anything you bu - make sure it will serve your specific purpose.  I do suggest you use distilled water to limit mineral depostis in the boiler and give your steamer a longer life. Distilled water also heats much faster.
 I have and highly recommend the TR6 Vapor cleaning model by Vapor Clean Products. It has had many rave reviews against some of the more expensive and bigger models on the market. The following link will take you to their website - specifically the reviews page with photos people have sent in on it's ability to clean.
Vapor Clean Products
After you have steamed - keep an  AirFree  air steriliser on the floor of each room where most needed - they are very small and take up little space as well as easily portable weighing only 3 pounds.
Models for 2006 :
 P1000 model good for 450 square foot room.
P2000 model good for 550 squre foot room.
These sterilisers do not have filters, no fans, are chemical and ozone free, etc.  They work with the natural movement of air in the room and incinerate microorganisms, virus, fungus, smoke and odors, etc. They are ideal for anyone with Ringworm Fungus in the home, Viral issues, animals, baby rooms, basements,  for rooms containing important books,  documents, CD's, videotapes, artwork,  etc. that need protection from molds, fungus, etc.
 They have a ceramic core and do not need maintenance other than cleaning the top lid on occasion with a moist cloth. No wasting money on filters, etc.
 It is ideal to place them in a room that has just been Vapor cleaned since it takes a few weeks of operation for them to get room air cleaned when starting out.
 for alot more information and specs, etc. you can visit the website:
Allergy Buyers

Teeth and Gums
   The health of you or your animal's teeth and gums almost always has an effect on overall health of the body.  Bacteria from tooth and gum infections make their way into the bloodstream which can result in heart conditions and other health issues.  Gum and tooth health is extremely important !
Dr. Jan Bellows
 This is probably the best veterinary dental site on the web. Great information, lots of photos of teeth and disease, etc.
Animals Apawthecary Fidodent
Mouth Formula
Herbal antibacterial for infections of the mouth in cats and dogs such as Gingivitis, etc.

Homeopathy for the Teeth

  Here are some homeopathic ideas for cats ( and people ) with gingivitis. Of course you'll need to reference a good Materia Medica for a whole symptom picture to pick the right one - the descriptions here are very brief and mainly just guidelines.  Learn how to assess using them in proper potency for acute / chronic cases.  You really need to study the remedies and all the symptoms affiliated with them to pick the correct remedy.  Also, remember, as the symptoms change - so must the remedy you are using to fit current symptoms. Chronic cases take longer to clear up obviously so be patient and work with a good homeopathic practitioner.

Apis mel - swollen gums, red, sore tongue and throat

Arsenicum alb - gums that bleed easily

Echinacea rudbeckia - canker sores, receded gums that bleed easily, cracks at corners of lips, dry or swollen tongue

Hepar sulph - painful, bleeding gums; depression; anxiety; swelling; infection; pain in jaw on opening

Kali Phos - for gums that bleed easily and for spongy, receding gums

Merc corr - advanced gum disease, loose teeth and swollen gums

Merc hydrargyrum - helps stop bleeding, heals receding, tender gums, alleviates bad breath

Merc solubilis - helps heal inflamed gums

Staph - helps heal gums that are bleeding and spongy

CoQ10 is alsoa supplement good for gingivitis, 10 to 30mg/day, preferably use the kind that comes in oil, avoid the dry powder.  You can obtain it at .  You can apply it topically on gums also.

A little extra vitamin C, a couple of drops of echinacea, and 1/8 tsp. of liquid chlorophyll daily will help boost the immune system and help heal the gums.

Also what works well is extra B-complex vitamins (50 mg per day, a little more in the beginning but - be careful and don’t overdo it, the liver has to work hard at removing what is not used by the body), antioxidants, Vitamin A, EFA's and extra pure Vitamin C crystals (as much as can be handled without getting loose stools - I prefer using Ester C which is more expensive but a far superior product) Don't be afraid of the Vitamin C.  You can't give them to much, as they pass what they don't need.  A few die hard natural rearers may not condone vitamin C because it is not essential to a cat.  It does have benefits and also helps to remove excess Aluminum from the body if given in high doses.  Aluminum, as with many other heavy metals are causing alot of health problems in people and animals.  Heavy metal poisoning is very overlooked and very real !!

Raw, cut up chicken necks in the cat food every meal for them is a great way to help remove tartar and work the gums and teeth without the danger of larger bones. They may not care for it at first but stick with it.  New things take time to accept.

If your dogs or cats have a regular problem with tartar, the most effective answer isusing a dental scaler.  I give one with every kitten I place.  You may also just use your thumbnail to scrape tartar from the teeth. To remove soft plaque before it turns to tartar, run a cotton swab along the teeth and gums weekly.

 You can also use  a daily dose of Homeopathic Fragaria 6 C for one month.  Brush the teeth regularly to remove the softened tartar.  After the first month use the remedy once a week as required to achieve the same end.

Keep adding chicken necks to help scrape the tartar off the teeth, you will note a very big improvement if you are diligent. After a while, if your cat is not interested in the necks at first - they may start chewing on them. My calico took over a year to appreciate good food and is doing wonderfully on it - finally !!

Albrite Inc.
  To Treat Periodontitis, bad breath, Gingivitis, abcesses, sensitivity to hot/cold, and to help avoid gum surgery and tooth loss which can be expensive and painful, visit Albrite's website.  It is human oriented but I see no reason not to apply the method to your animals also.  I would use the solution choices to massage an animal's gums and pack the affected areas with.  The vitapicks should probably be avoided with an animal unless they are extremely cooperative. 
  It is a safe, natural method of gum  and tooth care developed by Vasilios Gardiakos who, in 1981 was diagnosed with Periodontitis.   He has 19 years of research and success to share.  With his method, you apply an anitseptic to kill deep pocket bacteria that brushing, flossing & irrigation cannot do.  You can stop progression of gum disease and help tighten loose teeth, help reduce pocket depth & tooth erosion, avoid root planing, dentures, etc.
  You'll receive his 160 page book " The Smile Method - How to Avoid Gum Surgery" and 2 Vita Picks at a great price - and it is guaranteed.  You are shown how to measure effectiveness also.   There are a few different solutions you can use - the main solution is salt and hydrogen peroxide.   A solution of Tea Trea Oil is mentioned also.
 ** Do not use Tea Trea Oil with cats - it is toxic to them !!
 Always make sure anything you use on your animals is safe !

Tongue Tipping
If your kitty sticks it's tongue out - this is known as tongue tipping.
This is more of a cosmetic issue than a health issue.
Usually, tongue tipping is a left over habit from nursing.
 The tip of the tongue will stick out now and then - some cats do it for longer periods than others.
 It may happen at different stages of growth, especially in a Persian cat or certain dog breeds with the flat face.  Certain parts of the head and jaw may grow faster than others at different times.  It is extremely hard to master head structure in these breeds. 
 A Persian cat does not fully mature until the age of 3 years so lots of changes and awkward growth can occur.
 Those with more than just the tip of the tongue sticking out - would be an extreme case that is likely Genetic.  It can be a result of the structure of the mouth cavity, jaw, bite, teeth placement, or length of the tongue.
 I have had one kitten to date tip her tongue - neither of her parents or grandparents ever tongue tipped either. None of the kittens in previous litters of the same breeding ever tongue tipped.  Her jaw, bite, teeth placement were all in perfect alignment.   In her case - it is a leftover habit from nursing - as most cases are.  Sort of like a child who hasn't gotten over sucking their thumb.
 When showing a cat - it is undesireable to have a tongue tipper.  If a judge comes across a cat that does this, they will usually touch the tongue to see if the cat will pull it in it's mouth and if the cat holds it in - they will not penalize them.
 Picture a gorgeous model on the runway at a fashion show - with her tongue hanging out ;-)
 If a breeder cannot be sure of the cause of the tongue tipping in an otherwise lovely example of the breed, they will not use the cat in a breeding program and just place them in a pet home. 
One thing that can help with a tongue tipper if it is not extreme,  is firmly grasping the tongue for a minute a few times per day.  The cat is going to try to pull that tongue back and in doing so - you're helping them strengthen their tongue muscle and more than likely resolve the tongue tipping altogether in time.   If you do this, please be gentle to avoid hurting  your cat.
When taking into account that a "perfect" persian head is very hard to master. Tongue tipping is most often a  minor flaw ( aside from extreme cases) when compared to  a flat faced cat with slits for nostrils that can barely breathe, compromised nasal passages that don't drain properly, etc. all contributing to respiratory issues. 
 Any  Pet Quality kitten obviously has flaws -  even Breeder/Show Quality will have a few minor flaws. 
 Many Pet Quality have any number of traits such as  crooked noses, kinked tails, big ears, uneven head structure, uneven eye size, poor eye color, long noses, bad bites, maybe a crooked leg, poor coat / color,  etc. 
  It is very hard to work with purebreds and produce the "ideal" that meets the standard.  Most of the kittens will only be Pet or Breeder Quality.
 Even some nice Show cats have a flaw or two that the judges overlook if the cat is otherwise a lovely example of the breed.
 You rarely get a nice show kitten who comes very close to the standard in a litter.  When you do they are quite valuable and are kept by the breeder or placed with those who's cats we work with.
No matter what their faults, each cat is individual and brings joy and companionship to your life.   No animal is perfect and neither is any human.  You love them for who they are.  Perfection is one person's opinion.
 Some of my "ugly ducklings" have been  dearest to my heart.  I know many breeders who will agree - the not so perfect have personalities and qualities far surpassing some of our "perfect" cats.
 They are the ones we always remember ;-)

Urinary Tract Infection( UTI )
Cystitis/Crystals/CRF, etc.
I do not suggest any old raw diet recipe be fed to a cat/dog with CRF/I ( Chronic Renal Failure / Insufficiency )  The diet has to be formulated specifically for each of these afflicted animals for any success.
If you have any of these issues, visit Pat McKay's site here and contact her for help :
 Pat is a nationally renouned animal nutritionist and has helped numerous people rid their pets of these issues by getting them on a proper diet with the right supplements for each animal,  as this is almost always  the root cause of the problem.
Your conventional vets and their drugs/special foods, etc. are not the answer, they will do more harm and just create a hopeless cycle or worse - and cost you a fortune.
 Also seek the guidance of a Holistic veterinarian while working with Pat as Homeopathy can support the rest of the body and aid in healing.
 I have had great success using homeopathy/herbals for Urinary issues in people and  their pets - but it can recurr in the future if diet is not changed to a more natural one,  as this seems to be the culprit in many cases.  If you notice an animal suddenly having litter box issues, peeing in cool spots on the floor, a little urine at a time and frequent attempts to urinate, perhaps some tiny blood clots, etc. then you know they have an infection. Get on it ASAP as this is painful and can be life threatening.
It is a good idea to put white paper in a low, uncovered box or just on the floor where they keep frequenting - this way you can monitor the urine easily for color against the white paper, etc. They will not use their regular box until they are well so don't be mad at them, they cannot help they are in pain and dealing with an infection.
To treat an animal or yourself when you haven't done it before is scary, you are nervous and unsure and rightfully so. It is always best to confirm a health issue with your vet and preferably a Holistic one and work together. 
  The more you treat animals with this problem the more confident you become in yourself and the  homeopathy. It has always worked as I expect each time I've treated a Urinary Tract Infection for someone.
   It usually helps to keep the animal in a small room until they are well as they are going to run from you after the first time you dose them. There is no taste to the Homeopathy - they just don't care for you to mess with them and will make it a pain for you to treat them by running and hiding.  Make it easy for yourself and confine them to a room or a large dog  kennel.
I also fast the animal for about 24 hours using only meat broths for nourishment. This lessens the load on the kidneys and lets the body focus on healing itself.   The animal is generally not hungry when ill so broths are important.  Keep a small water bottle on had to squirt some water into their mouth also a few times a day until they are well again, to keep the urine diluted and help flush infection and toxins out.
 Some tough  cases can take a few weeks to clear if perhaps a new food was introduced which messed with their body PH - but with long standing infections, you should make sure there is no blockage.
For Holistic urinary care ........
 Only Natural Pet Store

*Most skin conditions, tumors, cancers, etc.,  animals suffer are a result of vaccinosis or a reaction to vaccines - and of course commercial foods.   For the sake fo your pets health and your wallet, have a Titre test done every year before you think of any vaccines. The Titre test will check for measurable antibody Titres which show a pet has sufficient immunity. Kennels, obediance schools, boarding facilities are all accepting Titre tests as proof your pets are protected instead of requiring vaccines as they are all starting to realize the dangers of vaccinations. 
You don't need to titer test for each disease. Make sure that the lab is doing a titer test for vaccine (immunity) titers and not disease titers! Disease titers are much higher than normal immunity titers, so testing for disease will produce a false negative.  Titers do not distinguish between immunity created by vaccination and that created by natural exposure.
  A new, less expensive test became available in the spring of 2002. Called TiterChek, this 15-minute test can help determine if an animal is protected. Vets charge about $30 (compared with $65 - $100 for the old titer tests). For more information on titer testing in general, you can visit:
 For an excellent article - very easy to understand and things to think about when vaccinating :
 Animal Diseases
A new look at the Vaccine Question
By Richard H. Pitcairn, DVM, PhD
 Think Twice
 ( Global Vaccine Institute )
Here you will find tons of study on the harms of vaccines - who to contact if you have a complaint. Millions of parents are paid off each year with taxpayer's money due to deaths and harm caused by vaccines.  You have the right to know - visit this site:
 This is an excellent page regarding one breeder's views on vaccines and her experiences.  As with many people, she too has her own opinion of Nosodes for vaccination.  Remember to read the above information and visit the links so you get more of the facts.  I  otherwise recommend you all read this as it is a very well written piece:
Dr. Richard Pitcairn discusses dangers of vaccines and the chronic health issues they cause also known as vaccinosis:
Another well written article on vaccines and vaccinosis.  This was written by Chrissie Mason B.R.C.P., Ph.D. for Positive Health magazine:
Dr. Charles Loops DVM
This is Dr. Charles E. Loops DVM's website to help inform you on natural health, vaccinosis, and gives some diet outlines to follow to help you get started.  It is an excellent site for the beginner.  You will also find some case studies ( which may very well describe your animals! ) that are interesting reading to enlighten you:
Vaccination in Animals
For a miriad of comments from veterinarians concerning vaccination in animals just to prove it is not a myth or just few veterinarians putting two and two together :
Non-Adjuvant Vaccines
  There are safer forms of the conventional vaccines currently available.  They are not Homeopathy by far but they do not contain the commonly used harmful adjuvants ( carriers / bases ) that we see causing so many health issues.  They may still pose a possible risk of side effects due to the fact that they still contain the very protein of the virus / disease in them but to a far lesser degree.  Your vet can acquire these vaccines.  The Leukemia vaccine I can't see using in a house pet. There are so many strains of Leukemia the vaccine is just a waste of your money as it doesn't protect against all the strains by far.  The Leukemia vaccine, as well as the Rabies have been known to also cause sarcomas / tumors at the injection site.  It is one of the vaccines that breeders avoid.
  You have the right to safer protection for your pets !

( From Tap, Bottled, Filtered or Distilled ?? )
by Suzanne M. Skinner, Ph.D.

".........Distilled water is the purest we can drink as it contains only hydrogen and oxygen. Of course, we must include fresh raw fruit and vegetable juices everyday, as they are loaded with organic mineral elements the only kind our body can use.

"Natural water" contains inorganic inactive minerals that are incompatible with our body and cause great harm over time. Natural water is lifeless, gross and incompatible with our cells, and does not contain enzymes ( the essence of life).

A lifetime accumulation of inorganic calcium (found in natural water) clogs our veins and arteries, which can result in coronary thrombosis, arterial occlusion (obstruction of the blood vessels), aterosclerosis. Many times this results in a fatal heart attack.

Natural water comes from springs, wells, lakes, rivers and faucets. Its inorganic mineral elements have been collected by contact with rocks, earth and soil.

This unhealthy water goes from the esophagus to the stomach, to the small intestine, and then is either transported to the liver for distribution into the system, or if unable to disintegrated (because of inorganic minerals), is passed into the colon. (Liquids pass through blood vessels in the small intestine's walls). Whatever is in colloidal form (a state of very fine suspended particles), goes along with the liquid into the liver. Now the liver begins to clog with minute inorganic minerals such as calcium (limestone) and magnesium.

Our bodies are composed of the same minerals, but they are in an organic form, not an inorganic form.  The minerals that our bodies need for replenishment, regeneration and survival, must come to us through raw vegetables and fruit, fresh juices, nuts and seeds.  We can only use, assimilate, digest and absorb minerals in their organic form. With fresh, raw vegetables and fruit juices, the plant's roots go deep into the soil and pick up the inorganic minerals and change them to usable organic minerals for us.

With natural water, however, our cells are called upon to reject the debris cells from it's inherent inorganic minerals.  The kidneys and other secreting organs attempt to throw off all this accumulated debris, however, a large part stays in our bodies, contributing to rigidity, ossification, so-called "old age" stiffness and early death. 

Distilled water leaches out the unusable inorganic limestone, rock residue, etc. It acts like a magnet, to pick up discarded cells, rejected minerals and debris.  With the help of the blood and lymph system this waste is then carried to the kidneys for elimination from our body.  The only water the blood and lymph can actually use is pure distilled water, or fresh fruit and vegetable juices.

There is a belief that distilled water leaches out minerals from the body.  This is not true.  It only collects and removes inorganic minerals that have already been refused and rejected by the cells.

More than twenty years ago, Norman Walker, D.Sc., suggested an experiment everyone can do at home.  Before you start, do a urine inspection to see how clear it is.  Then use only distilled water for three weeks (make sure you cook with distilled water also).  At the end of this time period, you will be astonished with the amount of sediment and debris found in your urine.*

Filtering tap water is useless-- it only removes what is floating or mixed with the water-the smaller matter remains in solution.  And of course, I need not mention the abundance of poisonous, cancer-causing material added to the water to"protect" us from harmful bacteria and germs. Pesticides and metals in the water compound the problem.

  I will now not drink from a $5,000 water system I had installed years ago, before I knew better.

Spring water looks clear and transparent, however, it is loaded with solid inorganic minerals- not to mention parasitics.  Bottled mountain spring water is loaded with chemicals to make it taste good and look clear.  Bottled drinking water is water from a tap sold to unknowing, unsuspecting people.

   No liquid or water can "leach" organic minerals out, once they have become intergrated in the body; only inorganic minerals rejected by the cells and tissues, which if not evacuated, can cause arterial obstructions and more serius damage over long periods of time, will be removed.  These inorganic minerals must be removed, and distilled water will do the job for you. "


 *And Remember - if it affects us - it affects our pets the same way - that pet with heart issues due to arterial blockage probably contributed to by inorganic mineral buildup -  or that old, stiff walking animal that you love so much may very well have a buildup of minerals in the joints and cartilage contributed by the water you are giving him. 

The cats here at Crystal Pond usually get distilled water or "PUR" filtered water.


  You will find alot of controversy concerning raw diets and commercial foods.  Any books, studies, research you read will have differences.  Some promote the use of vegetables for dogs and/or cats and some don't, some use grains and some don't, some use Homeopathic Nosodes for natural vaccines and some don't, etc.  I guarantee you it will leave you very confused and wondering who is right - I still am trying to decifer exactly why one would use something and why the other wouldn't.  Everyone has a study on everything, one advocates a raw diet and condemns commercial foods and vice versa.  Genetics play a big part in disease and proneness as well as cleanliness of environment, and other factors.  Food is not the one denominator but it is the second  life sustainer.   Water is the first ( which we are also ruining ).  Remember too - commercial foods came out around the 50's - nature has been here since the dawning of life and sustained it until we decided to step in and wreak havoc.
 I am very comfortable in caring for my animals the way I choose to and I have observed both sides of the controversy.  I am going with how we evolved - not since the dawn of technology and man-made foods and vaccines.  Seems we went downhill since that dawning.   So much stuff is kept from us - so much we don't know that creates harm - but they only care about making the money.
  You cannot make a perfect diet.   We know mostly what a healthy body requires and we must supplement vitamins and minerals and such to keep the body as healthy as possible.  You cannot possibly know everything about the body of any living thing.  There is always something new being found.  Studies are always changing or being retracted.   Everyone wants to be an expert or be the one who is right.   Read everything you can - we may not all be right but we have all learned something to share that has merit.  Form your own opinion, use common sense and use what works for the animal.
  Facts - the body of any animal evolved on fresh, raw foods.     Animals may have been a bit malnourished at times if what was needed was not available but that is how they evolved.  The diet was usually very diverse depending on the seasons of the year and the foods available in each region of the world.
 It is up to us feeding a raw diet to make it diverse. 
 And yes, bones can be dangerous due to sharp edges. You never feed an animal bones on an empty stomach.  My animals get lots of meat so the bone is "lost" in the blend. The dog gets half a chicken or 1/4 turkey every meal so there is plenty of meat along with his vegetables and water.   I smash bones a bit  for my cats but do give them a whole chicken wing sometimes, I use most of the smaller bones and they are blended in with plenty of meat to cushion the bone in the stomach.  My dog will usually eat his broccolie and other veggies first and then eat the meat with the bone in it so by then, his stomach has something in it to protect it from sharp bone.  I use mostly chicken and turkey here with their hearts, livers and gizzards.  I occasionally buy beef and beef liver, lamb and such for diversity.
  The bones contain many minerals and being they have always been a part of a wild animal's diet - they are something I will not leave out.  Our animals are not wild  but they are not humans either, they can't cook their foods so they eat them raw, it is how they evolved.  Accidents happen - people choke on candy bars, even on their own vomit and you don't find a hate study on those issues.  Animals choke to death on their kibble ( like my dog's brother) and on rawhide bones and have surgeries to remove rawhide pieces from their intestines.  Anything can happen with everything in life -  they happen - you move on.  We would be in a bubble ourselves if we decried everything that ever caused a harm to anyone.     You cannot remove every danger as it is unnatural.  Things happen for a reason in nature and by our medlings we upset the balance of everything.  
    Animals and people adapt to their environments and the bacteria in it and the parasites and the germs The weak die off so that the strongest survive to reproduce.  That is how a species survives, the weak should not reproduce or the species will become extinct.  
    We can analize everything to death but it makes no difference in the end - nature will be here after we each die - and evolution goes on with vegetation for the herbivores, meats for the carnivores, and both for the omnivores ( us ).   The herbs will be medicine for all which is why they grow all over the world ( different species for different countries and it's afflictions).  That is just how it has always been. 
"Let food be your medicine and let medicine be your food"
Ancient Greek doctor - " The father of all medicine" 
   Food should be raw and in it's natural state to be beneficial to the body.  It is a fact of evolution and design of the body.  I don't think a cook stove evolved from a one celled organism to sustain life.  We can't eat meat raw because we do not have the acidic environment that cats and dogs do in the digestive system to kill the bacteria in raw meats.  A cat's digestive system has more of an acidic environment where ours is more on the alkaline side.  We are different species - our food requirement and the state it should be in when eaten is completely different.  We have to cook our meats to eat them or we can become very ill and even die.  Our body and teeth are basically designed for vegetation and nuts and berries, etc.  We eat cooked meats but they cause us to become acidic and we are supposed to have an alkaline system.  We choose to eat meats and refined, processed, foods and use chemicals, refined sugars, etc. on a daily basis.  We choose to damage ourselves.
   I will not feed "artificial" foods to my animals or load them up with man-made chemicals.  They are detrimental.   Nature provides, that is how it has always been and how we all came to be and if a "mass destruction" or " world wide plague" ever comes - things will evolve all over again - without a "mad scientist" or a cook stove - it will evolve naturally with life's many misgivings. I want to raise my animals  in a manner that is  true to their design and I won't raise them any other way.  I will also not use every chemical I can find to kill every germ, bacteria, etc. they may be exposed to.   If you remove everything harmful, how can their bodies adapt, evolve or strengthen ??  Being exposed to life on a naturally normal level is in a way life's own " vaccination" in a sense.  They adapt and their bodies and immune system learn to tolerate and protect on their own.  Keeping them from every little thing weakens an animal's resistance - you set yourself up for failure in a breeding program especially.   You have to remember, pet owners adopting one of these overprotected cats will usually end up having nothing but awful and expensive experiences with an animal who has not developed a strong immune system because it was in a too sterile environment or overmedicated to protect from everything.   They will be overwhelmed and frustrated and blame the breeder - no matter what the good intentions may have been.  Everyday people do not understand purebreds and you can't expect them to do exactly as you do with these animals.  They just want a pet to enjoy, not shell out their last pennies trying to keep them healthy or alive.  We make purebreds vulnerable and weak with our own fears of every germ.  It has to stop and we have to work on making them strong and adaptable.
    Raise them naturally- life existed before technology and survived.  Use your head and don't overprotect because by doing so - you open the door to weakness and vulnerability.   
  Yes there are those who wish to capitalize on this " raw trend".  They make prepackaged raw meats and blends which make it more convenient for those who want to feed raw  but do not want to be bothered with making it - I don't buy them - I make my own.  Reason being, you do not know how long the meat sat around while being ground, what is exactly in it that they don't tell you and the quality of the meats used.  They make huge batches of these meats and they are exposed to air for long periods of time.  Not to mention - ground meats aren't as good for teeth and gums as chunked or whole meats and their bone.  My dog has the best set of teeth and gums and I never have to clean them.  Remember also gum and tooth issues can be genetically predisposed issues also.  Some breeds are more prone to these ailments.  Either way, you have to take care of the teeth as you do your own.  We take care of ours daily or we would have serious problems.  Why on earth would you think you never have to worry about your pet's teeth or keep them clean ?? Don't blame it on their food - blame it on your lack of providing them proper hygeine to keep them healthy. 
  I don't have to worry about my dog as he has a very nice mouth but I still check his mouth almost daily - it is a habit and a good one to have.   My cats may get "redline" at the gums or some tartar and I just keep it in check and scrape the tartar  off.  I find redline to be more of a bacterial issue and the addition of grapefruit seed extract in the water and in the batches of food I make helps eliminate it since it is an excellent antibacterial and parasite fighter. 
  Parasites are another immediate thought that come to one's mind when feeding raw meats.  It is not a big concern due to the very acidic PH level of a carnivore's digestive system.  The meats used in raw diets are also mainly from domesticated animals kept fairly clean of parasites.  Wild game would be more of an issue in this matter.  Also, keep in mind that by freezing raw meats for about 20 days at 120C will kill any parasites anyway.   As I've also mentioned, I use a drop of grapefruit seed extract in the water and a couple drops when I make a batch of food as it kills bacteria and parasites.  Many people have used it and many have stopped using it because they have had no issues with parasites from raw feeding for years.
    Back to the tooth issue,  I am always in my animals mouths so they are used to it and don't mind.  Leaving tooth problems unchecked can lead to serious health issues like heart problems from the bacteria of tartar and tooth infections.  Many health issues, especially those involving organs are many times related to tooth problems.  Dr. Dodd has an explanation of this on her website as she has had much experience with it.  She can literally tell you what tooth/teeth are related to the health of what organs.  Everything is connected within the body.
  If you study Homeopathy and herbal medicine you will find much to help you raise animals and yourself naturally.  You can read all the "studies, criticisms, testimonials, etc."  that you want but it ultimately has to be your decision.  I find people who discredit homeopathy and herbal medicine know nothing about either.  They have never studied it, never used it, never healed with it.  They listen to those against it for whatever reason and "spread the word".  They blow whatever they can out of proportion to help discredit homeopathy and herbal medicine.
        When an allopathic doctor or someone from a pharmaceutical company or anyone in those fields discredit homeopathy and herbal medicines, you have to wonder why ??  They work , they have proven themsleves over and over - especially herbal medicines used by native peoples all over the world for thousands of years.  I guess the answer is obvious, when you can grow your own medicine or obtain a homeopathic remedy at about 8 cents a dose - over the counter and without a professional - they'd be out of a job.  It is all about the money.  It is very sad.
  We and our animals  are very unhealthy these days.  Have a hair analysis done on yourself and your animals and see how deficient, overloaded with heavy metals your bodies are - especially aluminum and mercury.   These two alone are a major source of health problems as they are in everything we eat, drink, in amounts that our bodies cannot tolerate.   They use things in vaccines and drugs that you don't even know.  In the 90's - Mercury was prevalent in the use of vaccines and there are still lawsuits going on because of the damage and deaths they caused.       
  If people only knew or even cared to learn.  Must everything be adulterated and denatured by man to be of worth in our minds??  We are destroying our earth that feeds, clothes, waters and homes us and our pets.   I don't find the human race to be intelligent - more like greedy, careless, and thoughtless.
    I have many, many hours of study involved in a wide range of topics on natural health and I always have to go back to the books as there is such an abundance of information. 
  Allopathic medicine I avoid as much as possible.  As I learn I find the alternative replacement for any allopathic treatments like Cortizone, Antibiotics, etc.  You would not believe how well a plant you can pick out of your gardens or a tiny remedy pillule works so wonderfully to heal.  Homeopathy itself is much safer than modern medicine and is based mostly on minerals and use of nosodes which are created from actual illness matter ( sort of like an antivenom in a sense).  To me, the herbal medicine is even gentler and more natural.
  Herbs were the very first medicines used by man and also animals.  Obviously, they worked or none of us would have survived now would we? It makes sense as they are so natural and readily available. One species always serves another in the fragile balance of life.  Unfortunately, as humans we destroy that balance with our unnatural medlings and creations. We will be responsible for our own demise.  So much medicine all around us and we pay( astronomically) for a chemical  that will cost us in the long run in more ways than one.
   Follow a wild mustang horse when it has a worm infestation.  They know exactly what to eat instinctively to remedy their ailments if it is available to them. Cows and other animals will go to certain areas of land - even hundreds of miles if allowed to find the one place where they "eat the dirt". They instinctively know they are lacking in minerals and will travel far and wide to find them - in an undomesticated environment.  Domesticated - it is up to us to figure out what they know instinctively. I always add mineral clay to all of my animal's foods to make sure they get those minerals. A lack of minerals can cause many health issues. Many people actually owe their poor health to mineral deficiency as our soils are deplete of minerals now and need to be rejuvenated. Foods grown on or in mineral deficient soils will be mineral deficient.     
  Herbs are very high in minerals and vitamins. Written record of herbs date back several thousands of years B.C. One book of Chinese origin on herbs dates back to 2700 B.C.
    Native Americans and those before them used herbal medicine - the body responds to it so much more readily and positively.  They lived long and healthy lives using herbs and it seems to me the human race is just not satisfied with tried and true anymore. We have to meddle with everything and we usually ruin everything.   Something to think about -  the more unnatural and overprocessed and refined we and our food supply become, the sicker we and our animals are.  That is a fact and you don't need a study to be done for that - it is undeniable.  The big question is - do you care or are you too wrapped up in modern living to see it ?? 
  The bottom line to always remember is that disease can not survive in a pure bloodstream. By that I mean, no chemicals, refined foods, overprocessed foods, altered foods, etc.  An immune system compromised, commercial food fed, over vaccinated,  animal or human is prone to disease.  Add all the chemicals in our cleaners, beauty products ( sprays, perfumes, gels, mousse, etc. ) and it makes them even more prone.  Sit down and think about how much we expose ourselves and our animals to on a daily basis.
 Household cleaners, hair sprays, dyes, detergents, fabric softeners, commercially prepared foods loaded with preservatives and by products, insecticides, lawn chemicals, medications, the list goes on.  No wonder our organs are failing. 
  Vaccination, something we've come to just accept as necessary, is very controversial right now.  Look up vaccinosis on the web - look up danger of vaccines.  The chemicals in vaccines are coming to light as the root cause of many ailments that show up either sooner or later in the life of animals and humans.  Alot of children with autism,  animals with tumors, kidney , skin, multiple health issues.  Most vaccines are unnecessary and cause so much damage.  There are studies that document definite proof of that fact.  There is a ton of information on vaccinosis. You have to remember - the medical profession is a job like any other.  People choose it because of the money you can make. Some choose it because they are caring individuals who want to help others and animals but most of them focus on the dollar and the prestige.   You are paying them to fill you up with chemicals to add to your problems. Quick fix now - another disease or worse later due to the compounds in what they give you. Some of the technology in modern medicine is wonderful- the rest of it I dispise.  Educate yourself - it could save your life or your pet's life.
  Most people or animals don't usually die of disease they are on allopathic treatment for, they usually die of complications due to the treatments themselves. Most cancer patients die because of the treatments and any allopathic doctor who works in this field will more than likely tell you they would not have their family members go through the treatments.  Even they know the damage the actual treatments cause. 
   We really need to open our eyes and help ourselves and not rely on someone else to do it for us.   
  These things are so much a part of our daily lives that we don't even realize - they are contributing to our health problems in a major way.  Almost every disease out there is either food or chemical related if you really think about it.  When you change your diet, your body changes for the better does it not??? High cholesterol - change your diet, diabetes-change your diet, overweight - change your diet, heart problems-change your diet, skin problems - change your diet, etc.   It is very true - you are what you eat and the same goes for your animals. Organs and bodily functions fail due to improper nourishment and an overabundance of carbohydrates, refined sugars, chemicals in vaccines and medications, etc. 
  I am not completely holistic by any means, but everyday I change the way I do something for the better. One thing at a time. 
   Years ago I could've cared less about plants, homeopathy and natural whatever. I just started trying things here and there and it progresses more each day. It is addictive because it is so interactive, so obvious and true. You love learning about it as you go.
  My dog was sick many times.  Two years back I threw away the commercial dog foods and started feeding him raw meat and bones, some vitamin E, some veggies, Cod Liver Oil, and a few other additions. He has not been sick once and that is not to say he'll never get sick. But, by feeding good, wholesome, natural and unprocessed foods - the body can effectively ward off intruders because it has a strong immune system and a pure bloodstream to do so. 
  •   ** Be careful with using fish.   Fish are high in Mercury and even Aluminum due to our own carelessness.  We've polluted everything.   There is some speculation that Cod Liver Oil will also be high in Mercury since it comes from the fish. Studies show Mercury to be water soluble, not oil soluble so while Mercury may be found in the flesh of the fish, it should not be found in the oil.  It is worth it to know  that a product can be guaranteed free of contaminants.
  •  Heavy metal poisoning is very prevalent in the USA due to acid rains from our pollution, our waters and lands that help supply us with food, etc.   If you need proof of that - have hair analysis done on you, your pets, have food analysis done also.  It will be in black and white for you.  It is very real. It is very damaging to our health but the last thing we all think of.  You can go to Everglo-Natural's link above as Dr. Dodd offers hair analysis on her site.
  Most of you do not know what they put in those nicely packaged foods. I had a conversation with one of my vets a while back.  She  is an allopathic vet ( mainly livestock ) but has been feeding her dog a raw diet and is veering more towards natural means as she becomes aware.  She is a wonderful person.  She very vividly remembers walking through the rendering plants during her training and seeing an enormous pile of cows on one side of the plant and another huge pile on the other side of domesticated dogs and cats and the likes.  Yes, our pets go into the pet foods too - most definitely.  Along with their chemical flea collars, metal nametags, and the phenobarbitol they were euthanized with ( it does not degrade in the rendering process so it is in the pet foods).  You think when you have your pet put to sleep at the vets, they bury them ??  In most cases, these euthanized animals go to a processing plant or they would have to pay to dispose of them.  It is a cheap food source. And, any medications, diseases, etc. those animals died of or were put to rest for are possibly in the food also as the rendering process does not remove all of them.  Also , much plastic, foam and the likes are in the food too.  Meats from grocery stores that have gone bad - millions of pounds still packaged are thrown into the vats.  No one has time to unwrap every little package - who is to know anyway - another addition to the food. 
  Commercial pet foods did not come out until the 50's and for the sake of CONVENIENCE - did you ever hear of half the diseases and conditions animals suffer now back then??   It is not because they probably had these issues but didn't knwo what to call them - they just didn't have these issues.
 What do you think they fed their pets??  Would it be safe to say they fed them what they ate? - and usually it was raw, scraps during butchering.  Also, the animals roamed and had access to a variety of wild game they could catch.  Plenty of excercise and fresh air, not polluted indoor air and limited excercise.
  Commercial foods are overprocessed and contain many ingredients that are not even fit for human consumption.  I don't care how pretty or masterfully done the packaging is.  The  heat process destroys the enzymes, any value of added oils ( like flax, cod liver, salmon which should be cold pressed)  and much of the food value the animal's need.  Cooked food is dead food to an animal.  Many foods have too much grain. A cat's digestive system is not designed for grains. They have a short digestive tract to digest meats quickly and push them out fast so as not to putrify in the intestines and release toxins into the bloodstream.  Grains take longer to digest and a cat is not an herbivore. They usually cause vomiting due to the fact they don't digest well as with vegetables and if they don't pass through the intestines , they vomit the food up as it gives a signal there is a blockage. That is usually why they eat grass and vomit - to clean out a blockage of whatever is undigested in the stomach.  Alot of times they eat grass because they need minerals also which commercial foods don't have enough of. The grains are more of a filler or cheap food source so less money is spent to add lots of meat.  Commercial foods are a money market - that is all. They are not wholesome and never will be.  The comapnies that make them try to add all kinds of vitamins and such to make up for the deficiencies and create a "wholesome" food but they are really floundering as it just does not compare to a fresh, raw, species appropriate diet. Dry foods are the worst and they help promote kidney problems, IBD, cancers, seizures, etc.    IBD can also be a result of over vaccinating.  There can be many causes of it and it is very hard to correct because of that. 
     Cats did not evolve on dry foods and the proteins in them are inferior to fresh, raw meats.  Plenty of real meat protein = a nice solid animal with increased muscle weight.  Commercial foods put on unhealthy fat weight because of the excess carbs, and fillers.
    My cats now only prefer to eat once a day .  Normally an adult cat should eat 2 meals but mine are satisfied with their one.  Of course a pregnant cat and kittens eat more and I feed to what their preference is.  They prefer to eat in the evening, which if you think about it, is when they would eat in the wild.  It is like their natural instincts are returning after being pushed into regression by how we thought they should eat.  I give them a big bowl of food and  I check now and then to see if anyone is hungry in the morning but they eat a good meal and just don't care to eat more than they need.  They are hungry at mealtime as they are on a schedule now and they eat well, I do not limit them.  They eat what they need.  You will find their eating habits will change after the adjustment period.  A good rule of thumb is about 1 ounce of food per pound of body weight. 
  My calico female is like lead - she is solid and you can feel the heft which is surprising for such a cobby body.  She does not look like she has that kind of weight at all.  Anyone that holds her notices how solid she is immediately. 
  Cats also need foods with a high water content such as fresh meat.  I also add add 4 cups of filtered water to every 12 pounds of meat I prepare and I add in grapefruit seed extract to kill bacteria and parasites.
     I suggest those of you interested in learning and those of you who are skeptical to visit the following website.  You will find an abundance of comprehensive information and a simple way to introduce your cats to raw diets which is a bit easier and quicker to make  than the way I do it. 
     The Website I am referring to is :
Feline Instincts
Felice is the owner of Feline Instincts and this is her niche. I am very greatful to have her in my corner, available to my adopters for extra help and support if needed as I have very limited time with 3 jobs.  Her site is educational and this is all she does.  She has formulations for cats and dogs so please visit and drop her a line if you want more information !
    I was among those who would never have spoken against dry commercial foods years ago.  I was disgusted by those who fed raw anything and couldn't see past my own ignorance.  Now, I know better and I wish I knew then what I know now.
  Pet food companies spend millions of dollars to make billions of dollars and they do.  We trust the food makers completely and spend our hard earned money on the best  " top of the line" pet foods.  And we spend even more every trip to the vet for cancers, skin problems, liver problems, kidney problems, fungal infections, seizures, birth deformities, etc. and it is almost always food, medicine or vaccine related.  You won't see that if you don't  make an effort to learn about the commercial food industry and medicine.  We are all born with a brain and alot more of us ought to use that gift and not trust every "snake oil" that comes along and the salesmen that sell it.  Why should you?? You can educate yourself just as well as they can and even moreso and when you do - you'll be greatful you did and you can make better choices based on solid information and study.
  "Denial ain't just a river in Egypt"
  Mark Twain
   It is very sad what we have been conditioned to believe at the expense of the health of our animals and ourselves.  These aren't little humans we are feeding - they are true carnivores.  They do not have our teeth - they have teeth designed for tearing flesh.  I give big chunks of meat and some bone - it keeps gingivitis at bay as the fibers clean down to the gums as they chew.  Ground meat does not do this.  Raw bones contain so many minerals that they need.  Raw bones are flexible and break clean - cooked bones splinter and are of no food value anyway.   I find bone, in proper amounts,  also helps keep the stools consistent in firmness.  
   Keep in mind a parasite issue may also be at hand if you have loose stool issues so have your stools checked. Make sure they are fresh - get them to the vet within a few hours or you could have a negative reading when your pet may actually have parasites.  I put my stool samples in a ziploc bag and in the refridgerator soon as possible to keep it fresh and drop it off at the vet within a 2-3 hour timeframe for best accuracy.
   If you have "diarrhea"  or other issues, there is a reason for it - find out what it is and remedy it.  A quick fix only lasts so long.  Symptoms are there for a reason - to tell you something is amiss  and you need to get at the root cause of the problem, not push it into regression with a new drug as that will only compound the problem later. 
   Example - Fulvicin used for ringworm fungus. This drug can destroy your cat's kidneys but they don't tell you that - just how well it works on fungus.  A fellow  natural breeder witnessed that many times helping pet owners of retired show cats who had been through treatments of Fulvicin, many times more than once. 
  Another popular choice in the ringworm battle is Program for fleas.  The cats get dog size doses or the 6 month injectible.  It poisons the blood so the fleas die and it has been shown to work against ringworm fungus.  Think about that for a minute " it poisons the blood "  What do you think poisoned blood does to the brain, organs and health of the animal over time ?? Your blood is supposed to be pure and healthy for a healthy body - it feeds your cells.  Why poison it and ruin the body to kill a flea ??
  I have never had fleas on my cats or dog  and I do not use flea products at all - not even flea shampoos - and my dog is in a sandy area most of the time.  With a natural diet - the body is healthy and the excretions do not have a putrid smell to attract fleas and such.  It is very true - simplest thing - diet.  Cleanliness plays a huge part also - vacuuming every day and keeping the animals clean.
    I had bought Program when I got my first cat as I was warned heavily to be sure I use it continually so my cats  did not catch Ringworm fungus which would be a nightmare to clean up and try to get rid of.   But I didn't use it - I threw it away ( $200.- worth ) after a few months of it sitting around.  For some reason I could not get myself to give it to my cats and this was just before deciding to raise naturally. 
  Your best defense against ringworm is a robust immune system and sunshine.  Sunshine is vital to every living thing's health and well being.  How do many of us feel in the winter when sunshine is so limited ??  Think of how house pets feel, especially those Show cats kept in low light quarters to " preserve their coats".  Emotional well being has a big impact on overall health.  It can definitely impact the immune system.
   Fungus does not grow in sunshine and if you think about it - show cats are kept in lower light quarters to preserve their coats, also being in a house - natural light is not available unless they are surrounded by windows.  Ringworm Fungus is a plant mold and the spores are everywhere in the environment.  The underside of tomatoe leaves are loaded with ringworm spores alone - out of sunlight.  Any house animal is naturally more prone to ringworm outbreaks due to the lack of sunlight and commercial diet.  If they are on a species appropriate, unrefined, raw, supplemented diet and treated with natural medicine - they'll have a healthy immune system and can easily slough off the spores and avoid an outbreak.  Ringworm outbreaks are among many signs of a weak immune system.  Yes, there will always be those few that have a harder time as with anything.    A quick tip I read of - A very effective and old remedy is to use the juice of a lemon on ringworm fungus.  It will dry out and harden the area over causing the fungus to die. 
  I have heard of people who say they had ringworm on an animal for almost 2 years - crusty patches that wouldn't go away.  In my readings I came across an instance of this where it was stated that it is not characteristic of ringworm to be a hard and crusty patch.  Ringworm is basically the loss of the hair in a ringlike pattern with sometimes raised inflammation.  This was in a homeopathic Veterinarians journal.  His experiences with this type of symptom of a hardened crust was due to vaccinosis which led to a block to complete healing of the ringworm.  Vaccinosis meaning the crust formation was a direct result of a reaction to vaccines. The animal could have been last vaccinated over 2 years prior and still it developed a reaction while breaking with ringworm.  Once the proper Homeopathic remedy for vaccinosis was given, the animal quickly healed.
  If you do not study these issues, you will not know just how much you can prevent and treat on your own.  People give vaccines and medications made by man so haphazardly and ask questions later.  It is important to understand what any chemical you inject into any living thing does to the body.  If you use it - you should know everything about it.  YOur vet does not even understand the chemicals, etc in the vaccines they give - they buy from the maufacturer and rely on the directions given for use.  They do not make this stuff -- they just use it on your pet.     
  To me there is no reason for chemical vaccines with so much natural medicine available that is meant for us, that is why it grows around us.  You can use Vaccine Detox Nosodes which have all of the vaccines ( including leukemia ) combined except for rabies which is a seperate nosode.  ( It is included in the horse vaccine nosode combo though ) It is safe and effective prevention.  You can even just eliminate vaccines and keep a remedy kit handy to use just in case your animals do happen to come down with something but you need to be observant of symptoms.  Educate yourself to recognize symptoms of certain diseases/viruses if you choose to take that route.  A house pet that doesn't go anywhere has no need for a barrage of vaccines.  They are not exposed to things like show animals and outdoor animals.   Any exposure they would have would be gotten at a veterinary office - they dont' exactly disinfect everything, including the air after every sick / contagious animal that comes in.  A veterinary clinic is probably the highest risk place for your pets to contract anything.  Which is why I learn to take care of as much as possible myself.
   As far as Ringworm, it  isn't going to kill anything ( unless a very sickly animal caught it and does not get proper treatment ) and it isn't the end of the world.  Treat it naturally, give a good diet and immune system support and move on.  Breeders fear it the most because it hurts kitten sales .   If they have 6 litters plus their adult cats and a ringworm outbreak - can you imagine the work and expense involved ?  They have to keep all those kittens until everyone tests negative  after 2 cultures ( could be a very long time !! ) You can't sell a bald kitten or one that has patches of baldness due to ringworm.  It could take up to a year to completely erradicate it from the cattery environment of a large cattery.  It is alot of work with just the constant " disinfecting " of the cats and living quarters.  It could go away and come back and just be  an awful experience and so very expensive to a breeder. 
   Which do you think would be better, good wholesome food & natural medicine both contributing to a strong immune system and very healthy animal who would almost never break with ringworm. Or, a commercial food fed, over vaccinated, overmedicated animal ( all of which contribute to immunity dysfunction and failure and deterioration of health ) that can break with ringworm at the slightest sign of stress ?? 
   Breeders don't keep these cats their whole lives so they do not know the reprocussions of the drugs and foods they use to keep the cats " healthy".  They are not bad people - some of them are wonderful to have around and converse with, they just do not know because they have no interest in studying the truths behind all these drugs and commercial foods.  They get caught up in the showing, kittens, pedigree searching, colors, type, etc. The drugs and foods take a backseat.  There is no glamour in learning about them - it is easier to turn a blind eye and pretend everything is wonderful as long as they have their medicine cabinets stocked and a supply of "top of the line" commercial food and special foods for special problems which were created by those foods in the first place.  
  We are all brought up to believe and trust in our allopathic health care systems.  Sure there are always a few animals who never have any problems and they usually are not purebreds  but they are few and far between.  Purebreds have a compromised immune system which makes them more subceptible to most problems, especially fungus.  As far as most breeders are concerned when it comes to retired show animals, they were healthy while in their care ( supposedly - as I do not think many of them have ever really experienced a truly healthy animal if they do not raise naturally ) and seemed just fine.  These issues come out later in the lives of most pets as the buildup of toxins slowly deteriorates the organs.  Purebreds are more fragile and of course any older pet gradually develops health issues,  but food and medicine play a huge part in just how well they age and the quality of their life.
   Educate yourself.
    I know feeding raw meat sounds gross - but that is what a carnivore's body was designed for.  It doesn't matter what we think - it is their requirement for good health and survival. 
  How would you like it if the tables were turned ?  A tom cat family bought a cute little human and made you eat fresh killed mice, squirrels, etc. because they thought your species appropriate food of vegetables, nuts and berries, etc. was gross and not convenient enough for them ?
 " Nothing in life is to be feared.  It is only to be understood. "
  Marie Curie 
  I do not personally advocate adding grains or vegetables to a cat's diet. They just are not designed for digesting them.  Dogs appear to be more adaptable to grains and vegatables. 
 As I mentioned - cats are designed for meat and quick digestion due to their short digestive tract.  Grains and vegetables do not fit that criteria as they just take too long to digest.   Most grains have to be cooked to be digestible at all.  My cats did not take too well to grains either until I learned why when I was first starting my natural rearing ( usually vomited ) so I can only attest to my personal experience and the many article/studies I have read that discourage their use in a carnivore's diet and the reasons.  Although, there are some exceptional veterinarians who advocate the use of grains for certain vitamins, etc.  It has to be a personal choice I guess and how your animals take to the addition of grains to their diets.  I feel it is more human tendency to have grain in a diet and we think if has to be good for every animal if it is good for us.  When speaking of carnivores - it really isn't part of their diet - it is just a plain fact. 
   Cats  have carnivorous teeth - not teeth for grinding vegetables and grains like we do and many other animals - look in their mouth - it is very obvious what they are supposed to be eating.  Grains have to be thoroughly masticated and/or cooked for proper digestion and cats and dogs do not chew - they tear and swallow.  We have become conditioned to using grains in their diets mainly because of pet food companies that use them for empty fillers and calories to increase weight gain cheaply with less food needed.  
  This does not mean just because the animal is hefty from these foods that they are healthy at all.  Fat weight is unhealthy.  Fresh, raw meats are protein which build muscle weight which makes for a nice, solid animal of healthy weight.  Grains are not part of a carnivore's natural diet and when they do ingest them it is from the stomachs of their prey in which the grains are already predigested and is extremely small amounts also. 
    B-vitamins grains  add to a diet are obtained from organ meats as a better and species appropriate source.  I also supplement with vitamin B-50.  Grains turn into sugar and yeast in the body and that is not good for animals who do not have the proper digestive enzymes to deal with that.  To learn more about grains and carnivores visit the following page and check out the rest of the site - it is worth it !
Shirley's Wellness Cafe
  In switching to a raw diet it takes a bit of understanding and time. The body goes through a "healing crisis" which it releases all the toxins from commercial foods and the likes as the new diet is started.   This is where people get scared and confused - this is what you should completely understand before hand. Educate yourself first!  It is the same for us - some people get headaches, dizzy, diarrhea, vomit, etc. That happens when you change to a healthy diet!! It all stops when the body is cleaned out of all the accumulated wastes and toxins and can finally function normally and in harmony as it should. Some bodies excrete wastes and toxins faster than others so symptoms may be very different during the detoxifying process.  Many have no symptoms at all and are just fine except for more bowel movements and urination.  Some cases are not normal if the animal or person has a history of problems of this nature but under normal circumstances, expect these conditions to occur.  The body  is cleaning itself out as it now has the proper nourishment and support to do so.  It will take a few months to acclimate. They say for every year on commercial food it takes one full month  of a raw diet to heal or correct the deficiencies.  I find it takes longer but it does work very well.  You have to be supportive and give proper supplementations and plenty of water to prevent dehydration and to dilute the toxins to lessen the side effects.
  When I make up a batch of raw meat now - I love it because I know how good it is for the cats and they sit right by my feet waiting for it.  I never thought I'd say that as they really did not care for it the first few months but they ate it.  I blended it in with some of their dry foods and did that over a period of a few months.  I kept htem in a room with nothing in it but thier litter boxes and a washable floor during the changeover phase in case one of them got sick, had diarrhea, etc.
  When brought up on tasty, fat laden, addictive non-nourishing foods, it is very hard to switch an animal over.  Animals love tastes as much as we do ( which is why we don't care much for "health food").  It did not have all the fats and flavorings added to make it palatable and cats get addicted to flavors - they actually eat mostly by smell  as they are a very olfactory creature.  I started using meat broths added to the raw meals to add some flavor and eventually weaned off that and now they just love their food.  4 cats eat a whole 20+LB. turkey with supplements, liver, gizzards, smashed wings, necks and backs for bone and heart added within just over a week.  30 pounds of chicken in about 2 weeks ( with maybe 2-3 kittens eating also ).
    I used to cringe making raw meals and it was time consuming until I knew what I was doing.  I only used ground meat I made for a few months as my cats did not know how to eat the meat.  They had no idea what to do.   After about 5 months, I started giving raw strips and now that is what they want and it is easier for me as I have no grinder to wash and it takes less time to make their food.   I find cutting meat into strips works better as a huge chunk is hard for them to work with their mouth and teeth.  I usually make a 2 week batch and freeze portions.  My meats are usually chicken, turkey  and occasionally beef and the hearts, gizzards ( extra chewing which is great for the jaw muscles, teeth and gums), liver.  Rabbit is actually the best meat but it can be expensive. 
  Taurine is very important and dark meats contain alot of it, I also supplement taurine in the diet.
   I do give canned  mackerel maybe once every month and a half and if I make a big pot of beef stew or chicken soup, I will give a big bowl to the animals.  They love a good soup and it is vital to have variety in their diet.
  Avoid mixing cooked meats and raw meats together for a meal - you can cause stomach upset and make your pet very uncomfortable.  Also, only use meats and organs of the same animal for meals.  Mixing turkey and chicken or beef and lamb, etc. cause stomach upset also. Even if you use mainly meat of turkey and throw in some beef liver, it is not wise - keep the meats all from one species of animal for a meal.
    I have no FUS, UTI's, skin conditions,  fleas, mites, URI's so far and the list goes on.  That does not mean they are immune to them - if my kitten adopters change to a commercial diet - females may get a Urinary tract infection, etc.  But I never experience these issues raising this way. 
   Before I started natural diets and such, my Himmie had skin/coat  issues  as well as horrible loose stool after she turned about 8 months.  They cleared since being on a natural diet and natural medicines.  Just took some time and care.  No one here had good stools actually ( although I found the bicolors to only have loose stools for a few days after a show ) until I switched to a natural diet.  Seemed after 6-7 months of age, they would start having small health issues.  I never had cats that had health issues ( but I never had purebred cats either ).  When I questioned  some breeders on these issues, I was told they are just part of having purebreds ( they just deal with it ) and they told me what drugs they use to help.  To me, I don't care if it is a purebred or not, they should not have these problems no matter how minor they seem to experienced breeders.  If there is loose/bloody stool, coat/skin issues or whatever, something is wrong and it has to be addressed, not pushed into regression with a modern drug so that it can cause another health problem later on in a worse form.  Some conditions, certain lines are prone to and genetics play a big part in overall health. 
  Just about every one of those conditions will  reverse or at least improve greatly when you start feeding a species appropriate diet.  It may take a while as the body has to adjust and it goes through changes while cleaning itself out but it will happen.  I saw it with my own eyes and that is the only way I will judge something - if I see it work and I understand how.
    I  cannot see wasting all the time and effort I've put into learning and not sharing or giving others the opportunity to change their lives and the lives of their pets.
 None of the content here is to be used in place of veterinary support. Always use common sense and have annual checkups done on your pets. If you can - find a homeopathic veterinarian to work with. Allopathic vets and homeopathy do not mix well, some of them are willing to use some homeopathy but are not well versed enough in it to offer the best treatments. Try to find a vet who practices Classical Homeopathy if you can. 
  If you want a pet or already have one.  You should try to learn about health and diet.  There is no sense in having animals if you really don't care to learn how to keep them healthy or expect someone to give you the " silver bullet" to take care of all their woes.  Pets are a commitment and we should take the time to educate ourselves not only to help them but to help us understand them and their needs.   If you know what to do, you don't have to waste your money on someone to tell you what they think you should do for their health and diet.  There is nothing anyone can learn that you are not capable of learning yourself, you are just as intelligent.  Just put your mind to good use and apply yourself.
    So, for those of you interested and wanting to learn, I hope I can help you get started.  I am not certified so any information you use from this site is strictly at your own risk and by your own choice.  You should study and work on a solid foundation of knowledge in natural health and medicine if you are truly serious.  Learn about disease and symptoms and the potencies of homeopathic medicines.  Learn about the herbs and their uses and which can be toxic at certain levels and how to use them medicinally.   Do not haphazardly practice any medicine - you will create harm. 
 In Samuel Hahnemann's words  ( father of homeopathy ):
 " First, do no harm."  
Organic Cat Toys
Now here is a unique market that has not been given much thought, Organic Cat toys. 
  This is a small Indiana workshop using only certified organic materials to make cat toys.  Toys are free of dyes and toxic chemicals.  They only make a few toys - the ones cats enjoy the most.
  It only makes sense if you care enough to raise naturally to also give your pets "healthier" toys. 
 Please support this little workshop and give your kitties safe and healthy toys ;-)
Shirley's Wellness Cafe
( Natural Health for Animals and Humans )
 Visit this website for an abundance of information on natural health for people and animals.  This is a fabulous site.  You could be on this site for weeks and not get throught the whole thing. Everything from  clay, cayenne, barley grass, cancers, herbal medicine, homeopathy,  vaccinosis, fibromyalgia, ADD, autism, flax oil, sea salt, raw diets, natural rearing, veterinary studies, human medicine studies, etc.  You will find so much information here it will blow you away.  This site will help you towards learning about natural health and it is very interesting and diverse.
Natural Rearing
   This is a great site, especially for breeders.  She mostly caters to dog breeders and owners as that is how she started but helps many with cats also.  It is owned by Marina Zacharias, DVM. You will get a wealth of information and formulations she offers.  She is available to help anyone individually also.

Aromaleigh Holistic Aromatherapy
(Mineral Cosmetics and Pet Products)
This is Kristen Leigh Bell's site for your aromatherapy needs.  She has an all natural line of cosmetics that are made purely from minerals.  Well worth your visit to find natural cosmetics and aromatherapy supplies for you and your pets !
( Floral Waters )
These are reputable carriers of  high quality Hydrosols ( floral waters ) which are  safe for use with cats.  You can even bathe a baby in a tubful of hydrosol that is how gentle they are.  They are a byproduct of the steam distillation used to make essential oils.   Since essential oils are toxic to cats, this is a great alternative to use in the same way. 
If you get Kristen Leigh Bell's book ( Holistic Aromatherapy for Animals), you will find a section for cats that gives you recipes to make gentle hydrosol shampoos, feline hydrosol coat conditioners and rinses, calming spritzes, flea and tick repellants, etc.
 It is  a great book and gives you charts of using essential oils in safe dilution for  other animals as even dogs are more sensitive to them than humans.
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Hydrosols & Essential oils

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Hair Analysis
 For a hair analysis test done on your pet or even you to help determine if one is at risk for illness before symptoms start or if there are already health issues.  You will get results on the levels of essential and toxic minerals in the body allowing you to correct the imbalances with your doctor or veterinarian.  It gives you a good idea of how well you are feeding and the level of toxic exposure in your environment. Once you know - you can take steps towards correction and prevention.
  There are two places to have a hair analysis done that I have found:
Everglo-Natural Veterinary Services


Natural Body Care
For Organic shampoos, soaps, cosmetics, skin care, aromatherapy, personal care, candles, etc.  This is a list to a number of links for these products. 
  Use the soaps for bathing your pets naturally ! 
( Just be careful of essential oils added - especially Tea Tree ) Remember to use a tearless baby shampoo for the face ;-).
Natural Cleaning Products
    Considering the average person uses around 25 gallons of toxic products a year, indoor pollutants are anywhere from 2 to 200 times higher than outdoor pollutants.  Many people and pets are even experiencing reactions to  the laundry detergents/softeners.  I have switched myself to natural laundry products and use vinegar in the final rinse to cut any soap residue which leaves a stiffness in fabrics.  I always rinse 2x with vinegar in the final rinse.  We never think of the cleaning products we use everyday when health issues arise !!!  Of course they are contributors - they are chemicals. 

   Even the workplace could contribute to health issues if they use chemicals such as greenhouses, garden centers, film laminating/PS coating, automotive, plastics, paints, etc., there are tons of occupational related health issues from the chemicals/solvents/cleaners, etc. that are used.  Make a suggestion to go more natural if alternatives can be found.

 To find natural laundry cleaners, products for allergy/asthma sufferers, household cleaners, industrial cleaners, even mold test kits for your home, etc.

To  Life
  This is a link to a website promoting the book " To  Life ".  
 For those of you with chronic, incurable, terminal, exotic, rare diseases ( Aids, Cancers, Diabetes, Menengitis, etc. ) there is help.
  Where there is a will there is a way.
 There is someone out there who knows something the medical profession does not know or refuses to acknowledge.  It has been that way for homeopathy, natural vaccines like Nosodes, etc.
 Modern medicine of today is profit motivated - you do not make money if you let people in on the cures/prevention, etc.  Especially on the biggest money generating afflictions.
 Educate yourself - help yourself.   You can relinquish your doubt, confusion, anger, frustration, hopelessness, fears, etc. 
 Don't just sit there - you can heal yourself - if you really want to.
  There is also a link to a few other books which you should get - I am going to get them.

" Nature understands no jesting.  She is always true, always serious, always severe.  She is always right and the errors are always those of man. "