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Links & Breeders - Less Conventional

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" Coming together is the beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success. "
 Henry Ford

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 On this page you will find less conventional breeders.  They are a bit more aware of the health issues animals suffer due to vaccination, drug and chemical/detergent use, types of foods fed, etc. 

 This page is open to breeders, of all breeds of animals, raising less conventionally to promote better health.  Example - minimal to no vaccination/drug use  and  raw to partially raw diets,  more natural means of healthcare & husbandry, etc. 

Switching over to natural rearing can take time and patience.  We all work at different levels as our knowledge & experience increases.  It also takes many generations of natural rearing to really  improve health. 

I cannot attest to the ethics, cleanliness, or anything else pertaining to the breeders listed.  We all do things a little differently as well, doing what works best for each of us,  which makes each of us unique.    

If you are a natural-rearing breeder of any animal,   or working on it ;-)  I would be happy to exchange banners.

If you know of anyone that should be listed here, give me their contact information.  I hope to have a very diverse page of natural-rearing breeders to help people find all of you. 

 This website averages 4,500+ hits a month - I want to put that traffic to good use !

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Crystal Pond


Naturally raised Cornish Rex - Switzerland
Celine Bouldoires, vet. & cert. Homeopath

Canada - Raw diet, holistic - Rabies as required.

Germany - Partially Holistic program.

CelesteCats(Natural Tonkinese-California)

Brain Dofford - Johnson,  raw diet.



LAURIE SCHIFF - Legal counsel for Intl. Cat Ass.
TICA judge,( Also shows CFA) Breeder, Attorney



El-Zaburs - Germany Bi-Color Persians Partially Holistic

Partial raw diet and some holistic medicine.

Partial raw diet, minimal vaccination.


Persians - Partially Holistic - Located in UK


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Some good alternative places on the web..........


Excellent Herbals for Humans -Inquire for pet use.




DR. Richard Pitcairn, DVM, PhD


Pet Health