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E-Mail Permission required to take

For Inquiries about my available Persians, or if you'd like to be notified of new litters, please copy and paste the below questions into your E-Mail.
 Answer them in detail please !
* Your full name and if applicable, your cattery name.
* State/Town or country you are located.
* Do you own your home or do you rent and do they allow
* What internet listing website, publication, etc. led you to me?
* Do you have other pets and/or children?
* Have you ever owned a Persian before / understand
   the grooming needs ?
* Are you looking for a  Male or Female, one or two ?
* Are you looking for a pet/companion or an addition to your
   breeding program  or  a cat to show in Premiership
   as a neuter/spay ?
* Do you want Pet Quality, Retired Adult, Breeder/Show
   Quality ? 
* Are you able to pick up your Persian or will shipping be
* Have you browsed through my website and understand that I
   am a natural breeder and that my cats are raised on a raw
   diet ( kittens have some canned food added ) and also raised
   with natural health care ?
* Your E-Mail address
Please be courteous enough to take the time to answer the above questions with your inquiry.......
Thank You.
I am usually prompt, replying within 24 hours.  If you do not hear from me or should an E-Mail  be returned to you marked undeliverable, etc.,  try again.  If your mail was sent with no issue,  and you get no response, I may not have gotten it.  Sometimes mail gets lost in "cyberspace" and never reaches it's destination.  Technology is not perfect, servers get overloaded or malfunction, etc.  
You certainly are not being ignored - I answer everyone, if I actually recieve the E-Mail.
 * Also, remember to check your Junk folder as some E-Mails get routed there.
* I do not feel it is wise to post my home address/ phone number on the website.
E-Mail is sufficient.
I discuss my cats via E-mail only. 
 This allows me to keep track of everyone and what we've already covered as it is easy to mix up information between people and cats inquired about or forget what was discussed.
I also do not want to repeat myself.
I feel this is good practice for everyone in general as you have records of conversations and if help was needed - you can print it out and keep it handy.
  E-Mail also allows me to to contact you when I have time as I have a very busy schedule. 
And I have my animals to care for inbetween.


Not For Taking