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Not For Taking

CH. Polcann Gypsy Queen of Crystal Pond

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  I adopted Gypsy from Joyce Polcaro of Polcann and her daughter, Sandra Bucchio of Sandy-B.  Joyce owns Gypsy's mother     " Queenie "   and this was her last litter so I feel very fortunate.  Sandy owned Gypsy's father   " Adam ". 
   Gypsy ( Dippy - Do )  has turned into a wonderful girl.  These pictures reflect her "growing years " and show how much she has matured.  She has an exceptionally cobby body which all the judges comment on - she is like a box with the legs of a boy and such heft.   Along with that, nice, little ears, very nicely rounded head and nice pattern.  She has a good white to color ratio also.  She is exceptionally healthy and has never been ill since I adopted her.  She is a very healthy and agile persian.
        When I first got her, Joyce ( Polcann ) pointed out her lesser qualities which were low on doming, a bit smaller eye than her sister and she was lower in the nose.  Every breeder has their own opinion of their cats and certain criteria they want them to meet and it is interesting and educational to hear how they judge their cats.  Each has their own preferences and "look" that they breed for.
   Her nose has since come up  and her ears have even come down a little more which shows how some lines just mature more slowly.  It is a nice surprise to have her earning Grand points so she has turned into a very nice girl.   Which has pleased us all ;-) 
  She does not have a massive head but she is well balanced.  With her health, personality, rich color/pattern, cobbiness, etc.,  I think she is just a  beautiful calico and I cannot wait to see the kittens she produces with my Montero.
  Sandy has been very helpful to me at the shows - especially when I have unexpected moments with the cats.  I cannot thank her enough for the tips and experience she has shared to help me get through the weekends. 
  Thank You,  Joyce,  for the honesty of your opinion on this girl.  You set a good example for me in how a breeder should point out any faults/traits/qualities and let people know exactly what they are getting.   

That is a trait many breeders do not have - honesty.


*** Please accept my apology for many of these photos - the quality is awful due to the fact some pics were taken with an old camera before I got a digital camera.


SIRE ( Brown Tabby & White )
GC Gempaws Up N Adam of Sandy-B


DAM ( Red & White )
GC Polcann's Queen of Hearts

Gypsy center 4wks. and Grand Champions brother and sister

Gypsy @ 9 weeks of age

Gypsy @ 5 months of age

Gypsy @ 5 months of age

Gypsy @ 5 months of age

Gypsy @ 13 months of age

Gypsy @ 1 year , 7 months of age

Gypsy @ 1 year, 7 months of age


Gypsy @ 2 years of age

Gypsy @ 2 years of age